Frozen 10 songs (2013)

This song is such a sweet and catchy confession of a man’s devotion to his people. Ash Jordan crafts an incredibly unique and heartwarming instrumental, and that bass hits hard. This song jams on so many levels, and the vibe is so passionate. Has to be one of the coldest.

Salvation was an incredible album altogether, but this song stood out the most. “Painless” is a story about a man committing suicide, and its effects from the point of view of his son, who took it really hard. CJ engages listeners with this emotional testimony. The story has such detail, which, paired with CJ’s delivery, makes you feel like this is a real story. What a masterpiece.

First, the beat. This beat is sweet and simple. Childish Major made something that everyone wanted to rap on. How many remixes did this joint have? Anyway, this song was a major record for a reason. Rick Ross lost his Reebok deal to this joint, Rocko spit a lyrically clever verse. This deserves to be recognized.

“Pretty tough being the oldest, feel like you’re being scolded, you’ve basically been chosen”

The motivational anthem by the hypertalented hip-hop band, Ill Doots. Each verse is a story of the MC’s overcoming obstacles, not being held down by anything. Including gravity. “Anti Gravity” doesn’t just sound great, it feels great. The whole group harmonizes together to present an excellent vibe. It doesn’t get much better than this.

Starts as a ridiculously fun jam with a sassy hook, then after an awkward pause shifts into a more serious song with a lullaby-sounding chorus. Chance shows incredible ability and well-roundedness in this song, with a flow that’s just all over the place in the first part. The second part is expressive genius, using bars like, “They murking kids, they murder kids here. Why you think they don’t talk about it? They deserted us here. Where the f* is Matt Lauer at? Somebody get Katie Couric in here.” Outstanding.

This is absolute greatness. eXquire’s poetry laid over Key Nyata’s eery orchestra. The world needs more of these. The lyrics in this song are so dark and expressive, it really puts you into his mind. The whole feeling of the music sets the tone for the rest of the album in a huge way. A must hear at the least.

One of the few saving graces of the Yeezus album. Kanye goes in on a real groovy beat with a catchy trio of verses, all with attention on corporate corruption and racism. A fun song and serious song altogether. The beat gives a real epic feel as if to express the oppression ‘Ye is speaking of.

Heavy bars and delivery from Bceast. He lays down some strong bars over a 2013 favorite. This joint is riddled with real-talk and slick wordplay. Dude goes in with such intensity, that just infects you when you listen to it. You want to yell along with his tourettes-like ad-libs. This stands out from all the other remixes.

The vicious war cry by Rickee Stylez addressing the illuminati and their intents. This song not only features an interesting concept, but Rick’s ridiculous flow and versatility. The beat is so in-your-face by how abrasive and eery it is. Rickee’s rapping is so in-your-face by his aggression in his spitting. No one can walk away from this song without some type of strong feeling towards it.

Double songs seem to have been the thing in 2013. “Sunday’s Best… Monday’s Worst” is just too great of a song to not be here. The church samples are so intelligently placed. I already talked about this in my singles picks already.The story of the song paired with the theme is pure genius as well. The character in the story has a tragic fall, but the roots were placed as a youngin.

The easiest way to check out all these songs is through my soundcloud playlist, so you don’t have to go through all that clicking if you fingers are tired or sumn idunno.


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