Frozen 10 (people)

Here I give awards to people for doing things that I feel are positive for hip-hop. This is very subjective, although many may feel everything I post is. Additionally, this is the last series of the Frozen 10 awards this year. No, I’m not doing albums.


Had to give props to Mac Miller for most improved. As far as retail albums went, Mac was standing tall. His album, Watching Movies with the Sound Off was very impressive. The production was nice, it had a good vibe to it, it showed a lot of growth in Mac sonically and subject-wise to some degree. He also did some other nice projects this year, like Stolen Youth with Vince Staples, which was one of the best mixtapes of 2013. Keep it up, Mac.

“F* U”, the catchphrase of Freddie Gibbs favorite crazy companion. The slew of vine videos he took part in was hilarious. I don’t think anyone has ever had someone this hilarious tag along with them. Big Time Watts gave Freddie Gibbs the most hilarious vines of any other rapper in 2013 that I could think of. NSFW

Charlemagne is one of the most standout personalities in hip-hop, and the most exciting hip-hop interviewer of 2013. Why? Cuz he keeps it real. When rappers and other people go on those breakfast club interviews, they wanna hear what Charlemagne tha god is gonna say to them. Additionally, he’s been doing his thing as a TV host. Let’s carry this realness into the new year.

Kanye was known for being crazy as hell in 2013, but you’re not about to read about that. Kanye has a huge amount of passion, and is incredibly goal-oriented. Even with him being in the place he’s at now, he always strives to innovate and do better and better. Though his methods may not be the best, Kanye wants to expand hip-hop and blacks on the corporate level. You can’t discredit the man for that.

There are a lot of premier producers out right now like Mike Will, 40, Timbaland, whoever, but as far as the come-up goes… Suede is the man. Suede set the bar so high with the depth and different sounds of his beats. Just in the project, Dutchmasters: The Purple Theory, you can see how many different sounds Suedegod can make and the level of quality he brings with them. You get your smooth stuff, your bangers, your hype trap stuff

.. all that. Suede is one of the greatest producers out right now. The End.

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis get a lot of love and hate. I don’t really understand the latter. Throughout 2013, this duo has been one of the biggest faces in music period, and they’re hip-hop. I love that. Not only that, but they did it independent. This goes to show you that pipe dream of getting signed and stuff isn’t necessary. You can come up with good music and hard work.

I tweeted earlier that Key Nyata had been part of a lot of great records this past year. This dude is one of the most active people in hip-hop right now. He also keeps it real, stands up for what he believes in, and is talented as all hell. He produced several of the best tracks this year, and is nationwide. I’m curious to see what he’s up to this year.


Though this pic only includes the rappers, the whole Oxy team is just on fire. In 2013, there have been TONS of rappers that fell off. There are so many rappers that didn’t live up to expectations and didn’t deliver. Oxy wasn’t one of them. All of the tracks released this year under the OXYxMORON name were absolutely excellent. Sail Fast Live Slow by Omar Bunyan is easily top 3 projects of 2013, and criminally slept on. Danny Dee and Joel Brown are two of the best producers out right now, and even mix and master Oxy’s music better than a lot of mainstream music is mixed. On the roll these guys are on, they’ll be unstoppable.

Just did a write-up on this dude. He might’ve released the most conscious records last year, and they were good. He’s been working towards the first-ever 100% for charity hip-hop project. Brings people together. Much love and respect for this dude, he deserves accolades.

KRS-One is a veteran for hip-hop, a great educator. I have a lot of and respect for this dude because of his devotion to the thing I love so much.  The great teacher put a lot of time and energy, not just last year, but in general to this culture. And like Charlemagne, he also keeps it real. KRS has been a huge influence on me personally, because I love to learn and I enjoy scholarship. Knowledge is the greatest power one can possess, and this man provides in excess.


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