Frozen 10 mixtapes (2013)



Trunk Muzik Returns is exactly what it sounds like. The return of the Yelawolf we loved from the Trunk Muzik days. On this album, he teams up with Willpower to make a ton of tracks that bring out his personality, style, and amazing flow. “Firestarter”, the intro track, is one of the craziest records of the year. I hope Yelawolf capitalizes off of this comeback.

Trunk Muzik Returns review by ME


Tree breaks out with this mixtape here. This dude has his own style of Soultrap, and he doesn’t leave out substance either. This joint is packed gruff croons and raspy raps.  The content might make you wonder why this is called Sunday School, but when you listen to it you get that soulful feel like when you’re listening to the black gospel choir, especially when them organs hit you on “Safe To Say”. Tree delivers soul in no short supply here, and the hooks are some of the catchiest and grooviest things you’ll ever hear.

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Michael wasn’t joking when he named this tape “Rookie of the Year”. He dropped this joint, then went out and did tons of shows, tons of songs all over the place, has his own group on the come up as well. But that’s beside the point. Bruh. This whole tape jams. Mike selectively got some of the best beats, and they range from smooth, jazzy, to trap. He also raps with this obnoxious, yet, entertaining voice, and has a mean flow. Rookie of the Year has plenty of tracks to have fun and turn up to, but it also gives you a chance to get to know Mike as well.

This tape here… has some of the greatest instrumentals I’ve ever heard… King Rich and Suede Moccasins team up to construct a ridiculous listening experience. Suede approaches his beatmaking with such quality and depth, and has a plethora of styles and sounds. Rich always seems to know how to come at the tracks as well, with his unique flow and laid-back style.

Dutchmasters: the Purple Theory 


If a rapper owned 2013, his name would be Chance. With Acid Rap, he made a huge come-up and is now a household name. If you pay close attention, you’d actually even noticed a big influence he’s had on artists lately. Acid Rap is filled with sweet personal moments, intricate cadences, and whimsical yelps. Let’s hope Chance can improve from here.


Exqo’s magnum opus. Kismet shows that this man is a force to be reckoned with. He matches up with producers that have perfect synergy with him such as Constrobuz and Key Nyata. Kismet is incredibly poetic, deep, dark, and entrancing. It has very articulate lyricism and shows Exqo’s excellent technical ability. The opener, “The Cauldron” is one of the best tracks I’ve heard. Everyone should hear this.

Kismet Blue (Deluxe Edition)

As the name implies, this tape has a really dark vibe. Byron’s lyricism is transcendent. He has incredible content, vocabulary, and wordplay on this joint. Byron is such an intricate and cultured MC. On each of these instrumentals he spits on, it sounds like the thing was tailor-made for him. Beyond that harmony, the tracks just sound so beautiful. ★★★★★, Brrd, and DGH have amazing talents on those boards, he’d do well to stick with them.


Two years in a row the Flatbush Zombies come up with glorious tunes. These dudes are heavy-hitters. One would rarely hear the amount of talent in rap possessed by these three. And with this joint, they improved from their last in the content department. Touching on a lot of political and social issues, but without being corny or trying to operate outside their box. The beats, lyrics, flows, technique, delivery, style, everything about the Flatbush Zombies is transcendent. Excellent.


Skill-wise, this is the greatest rapper ever. Sir E.U has the most impressive rapping ability I have ever heard. When it comes down to pure rapping, he can do it all, and do it all well. Hippogod has the skills to box with gods. This isn’t the place to go into detail about his abilities, but goodness gracious. E.U is like the William Butler Yeats of rap. This project has a lot of depth as far as the lyrics go, yet the songs are a lot of fun.

FXCK2 review


Omar has gone through a lot in his personal life, to the point that he even changed his name (formerly known as Pedro English). Sail Fast Live Slow is a journey through the secluded wandering mind of Omar. In this project, you get a lot of introspective and intrapersonal rhymes. With these, he says a lot without saying much. This mixtape is almost like a story, in how, at the beginning you feel a lot of different stuff and get to know him, then at the end there’s  sense of triumph, and self-accomplishment. Even besides that, he can rap like hell. His in-house production is amazing as well. Danny Dee and Joe Brown are coveted. The mixing and mastering are so awesome as well. No one should leave this in 2013.

Sail Fast Live Slow


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