F.Y.V.E. (self-titled)

Brand new young spitter from out Houston, Texas, F.Y.V.E. reveals his single for his upcoming mixtape. Characterized by his rapid-fire delivery and his steady flow, this new artist has something to prove in this rap game. Plus dat beat is on point nahmean? Check this out and keep checkin for new material.



Recent Rap Beef

Rap beef seems to be having a resurgence lately. You got Lil Scrappy and Soulja Boy randomly beefing over Diamond, I suppose. Cassidy and Meek Mill started beefing, coming out with diss tracks and stuff. Azealia Banks and Angel Haze started having issues too. The funny thing about these beefs are that 2/3 (as far as I know) are over twitter. It just seems really silly that celebrities have more issues over twitter than in real life, but I digress. Enjoy these diss tracks:

Jemyle Jones


This cat hit me up on twitter yesterday, real humble dude. I checked out his stuff and he’s nice. ¬†Another dude from out NY who’s bringing the city back. His style is kind of reminiscent of a “Get Rich” 50, but he switches his style up from song to song. Has some witty wordplay sprinkled in and has highly accessible music in general. Download his newest mixtape 12: Twelve

Also you can check him out on YouTube, Soundcloud, Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook. Jemyle Jones on every site, no spaces on Twitter and Tumblr.