J△hTrig – Cig△r △shes

You rarely find such depth and wisdom in music. JahTrig is one with an enlightened sense of poetry when he spits his rhymes. He’s a warrior for knowledge and greater consciousness. But even with that sense of wisdom he maintains an exquisite musicality with genius beat selection, a well-rounded mastery of rap skills, and a unique and synergistic take to tracks.


itz My single picks 6/29


In da midst of a whole bunch of major releases in hip-hop a few artists had balls enough to drop them a lil something also… or maybe they just didn’t really pay attention, who knows? Regardless, these are some nice jams to listen to.

MiaWasHere releases this slowjam-y reminiscing joint produced by the almighty Suedegawd. Girl can spit, switching between slow and double time flows. A lil something for the hip-hop loving ladies to relate to. I mess with it.

SCR’s own, Rickee Stylez owns this shifting and playful beat with switching flows and battle-rap styled wordplay. It’s had a strong spot in my playlist for weeks. Then he finishes the song off spectacularly with his climaxing rhythm. So cold.

Panama Red produces this beat with strong pianos and a melody that possesses you to get up on your feet. And Matt McGhee brings a colorful twist to getting your freak on. It’s only two minutes, but it’s catchy enough for you to be playing over and over and over again.

AND THEN… one of my favorite tracks of recent times, the jam that keeps it cool in the summer, DeLorean Musiq. This song literally makes me want to hustle and cop me a DeLorean so I can bump this in the whip.  The instrumental is cool inspiring and futuristic. It has great progressions in the verses and the hook is just magnifique. Trig’s unique style and delivery along with CJ’s BARS supplements to make, to say the least, a great song.

New EPs (5/29)

Today marks the release of the long looong loooooong awaited 90s Nostalgia EP of the Shinobi of the 12 Tribes. This EP is filled with allusions to huge parts of the culture of 90s babies’ childhoods, like animes and video games on the N64 among other things. It also has a great smooth sound and classic vibe to it. In this EP the group honestly reminds me of a young Outkast. Blast from the past.

Also Brotherhood artist, Express dropped his EP called Influential Thoughts not too long ago. Make sure ya’ll check that out.  It’s some real mellow stuff, I’m heard it a few times and I mess with it. Can’t really detail the sound otherwise.

Shinobi of the 12 Tribes – Milotic

Shinobi of the 12 tribes got this brand new single for their upcoming project, 90’s Nostalgia EP. You can imagine they take a lot of influence from 90’s shows and games. They got a real unique style that you don’t see anybody in the game coming with right now. Support talented artists.

If you mess with this, you’ll love their other stuff here