Itz My Single Picks (5/13)

No intro needed.

Doughmars does it again with his new track 24k. On this track he uses a consistent rhyme schemes and powerful vocabulary to express a player, you-can’t-touch-me type of demeanor. The production on here is also impressive with its old-school, cinematic sound with an intentional lo-fi quality that helps define the term “retroyork” which Mars describes his music as.

Southern artist, Tito Lopez releases this glitzy-sounding single for his new mixtape called “Y.O.U”. ┬áIt’s one some come-up humble stuff as far as the content. He also has double features on this with Trae the Truth and Jameel. This is one of the better verses that I’ve heard from Trae lately, though he uses this flow in excess and Jameel shows up impressively as a relatively unknown rapper.

The Architect from the Flatbush Zombies drops a little track to show something new from the gang. It feels like forever since one of them have made or been on a track. Anyway, this song is super groovy, something to easily get you up out your seat and/or head bobbing. Erick also shows a recurring improvement in his delivery. Easy playlist spot.

OWLKINGLORD also makes a heavily entertaining song with this obnoxious and misogynistic track called “Decent” to be featured on his upcoming project called Black Bruce Lee. This song also features the talented emcee, Frostbite and is produced by Suede Moccasins who has tons of other impressive work. I’m interested to see what the KING comes up with in his next feature-length.