Rickee Stylez – Prevail | Music Video

The “Prevail” music video is an eery introduction into the theme of the Houston artist’s upcoming release titled Nu Testament. The song, video, and ambiance it provides is as dark as the corruption it exposes.  Be enlightened.


Single Picks 12/11

First things first, brand new MJ Withers. Withers raps about his interpersonal relations with a significant other on this dreamy track. Definitely check out his other content if you’re unfamiliar though, his catalog is too hard to sleep on.

Marley San gets busy with some smooth thuggery laid over some H-town sampling tunes. Joint just possesses your head, you can’t even control the nods.

BMB. and Goldlink collide for this vibrant record. The result is fireworks. This instrumental’s energy and excitement is easily matched with the incredible melodic flow and wild delivery of Goldlink. Yeah.

Itz My Single Picks 9/11

Twelve years ago today was a tragedy in American history, so I’ma briefly acknowledge that. RIP Bernard. RIP everyone else lost of dat day, hope the families of those lost are doing well today in spite of that.


Now, onto this music.

Kwes of the ST3 brought some friends along on this trudging journey through each of their respective minds. Hard, groovy, and introspective track, yet really general. Kinda puts you in that same cloud of thoughts as them as they go through various things they see in the world and in their lives. Lots of contrast from verse to verse, too.

AND ALL WE EVER DO IS COME UP… COME UP… WE COME DOWN… SO WASSUP!?? Aye, this is the jam yo. This joint popped up in my e-mail a while ago, and I’ve been enjoying the hell out of it. Real exciting and hype music. Flow on point, features Ciscero’s specific subject matter. Now ya’ll finally get to jam it. Kids Wear Crowns coming soon.

OWLKINGLORD goes in on this track using a fusion of Alchemist and Lex Luger instrumentation, spitting a lot harder than the dudes who originally rapped on those respective tracks. Dude finds some weird place between comedy, gothic darkness, and just…. spittin’.  Dudes technical ability is just

#*1* El-P Cancer 4 Cure + Honorable Mentions


Song is too long to type about, yet is enchanting enough to listen all the way through. Kinda scary when I think about it, but listen anyway.

eXquire without a doubt had, not only some of his greatest music this year, but some of THE greatest music this year. He seems to have found and embraced his sound with Kismet, or at least whatever went on in his life preceding the project. This song is great: passionate, soulful, deep, sensual, allat. Yuhfeelme? Plus da beat just fills me with youthful vigor. It reminds me of my days down in FL when I was a young buck leaping from logs like frogger and whatnot. Lemme not get carried away though…

Itz My Single Picks 8/13

It’s been a loooooooong time since I did one of these, I apologize brethren. I’ma make it up with a load of wondrous tracks though.

Ya’ll may or may not remember Astro. He made a decent tape earlier this year, used to be on that show X-factor. Pretty good young rapper. Well he released this nice single where he exposes the financial aspect of messing with labels along with just rappity rappin. It’s a groovy track, will have you doin the wave or sumn.

Back in the- back in the day, back in the- back in the day. Real smooth, old-school styled nostalgic track from Ciscero and Sugg Savage from Akoko. I never really listened to Sugg much, but this verse changed that. Very impressive rapping.

Young Inko flows impressively on this upbeat jam. Have you bobbin your head and makin ugly faces and whatnot


make you want to do 60’s swing dances and whatnot. But yeah I see mad potential in Inko, dude is super-nice. That flow and those alliterations that he got in this song is on point. Plus, he has a lot of personality in his rhymes which is something unique from these other MCs.

Eclectic Minds crew brings this unreleased song out the vault for our enjoyment. A tender proclamation of love to a significant other, and still a head banger. Plus the chorus is one of the best I’ve heard recently. Ya’ll need this on ya’ll playlist real quick.

You know, I’m still waiting for that man T.Shirt to drop a new project. His last one (titled, “The F***”) was just hella excellent and unique. I guess this track will hold me over a bit longer. Some real talk rap over some funky guitar rifts. Check this out, and also check out that album I just mentioned.


This just in, forgive me cuz I didn’t give this a listen before I released this article initially. Erick Arc Elliot puts out this track addressing people’s lack of creativity, the general sheep mentality if you will. Crazy nice beat too, I’ve been liking everything this guy makes lately. I feel like with his work ethic he’ll surpass his FBZ affiliates in time, but that’s just me. Enjoy this.

Itz My Single Picks 6/4

Haven’t done one of these in a good while. Nobody has really been putting out any singles I reeeally mess with. There are a few unreleased jams that ya’ll need to hear, but y’know, they’re unreleased. Anyway let’s get started.

Soundcloud is a wondrous place where you can discover artists off the random. Found this guy Inko Sana Bey and heard his newest track “The Only Goal” in which the guy cleverly used the slow drumline to add flexibility to the tempo of his flow which then emphasized his profound personality in the song. I’m watching out for this guy. Cuz also shouted out Avion at the end (R.I.P)

Queens spitter Sir Milo goes in on this boom-bap beat with his never-resting flow and robotic delivery. Milo masters the instrumental with seamless transitions of flow patterns and tempos. Dude is such a unique new talent in hip-hop, but don’t take it from me.

Mostlyjunkfood premieres Warm Brew’s new track entitled “Congregate” featuring the great OXYxMORON. If you’ve never heard of Oxy, check this out. The song is a posse track with a very different vibe to it. Along with the two group’s vocals, Danny Dee creates a smooth beat that you’d wanna go on a road trip to. The producer complements Oxy’s tracks as closely to perfect as possible and track is just another example. This track is like perfect riding music.

Warm Brew – “Congregate” ft. OXYxMORON

Lastly we got a single for Run the Jewels, a group formed by two of the most incredible hip-hop artists of the recent time period, El-P and Killer Mike. There was a snippet out for this before, but now the song is complete with a feature from one half of the legendary Outkast, Big Boi. Track is full of quotables and Killer and Producto destroy the instrumental with back-to-back bars, then dish it to Big Boi who finishes with finesse.

Itz My Single Picks 4/27


What’s crackin ya’ll, I’m back with a couple of cold releases to finish off the month of April

First off I got this intense double-time track ripper known as Rickee Stylez. This guy spits like a machine gun over the “Bonfire” instrumental with incredible aggression and charismatic personality. SCR

Next up this track from Doughmars, who also made the instrumental. The result is a really mellow old-school sound with catchy lyrics sprinkled on top of it. The talking samples also add a nice vibe to this song. Overall it kinda puts you in this different zone with its overall sound.

Ab-soul does some trademark verbal origami with his wordplay on this “The End is Near” song. Mac Miller also shows up impressively on the instrumental. Just another little teaser from Ab to give his fans before his next project, shows he still has bars.

Also got some euphoric tunes from some other west coast cats. It’s off some “today’s gonna be a good day” type stuff. I’m loving the jazzy piano. Features my boy Prometheus Brown from the Blue Scholars.


Itz My Single Picks 4/10

I know ya’ll need some nice jams to bump in the whip with the sunroof down now that it’s warming up. Unless you live somewhere cold, but where I’m at the temperature just decided to hop up 30 degrees like it’s cool and normal or whatever.

Killa kill dropped three tracks yesterday. Or rather was on three new tracks: IBM with Joie 13 , Villian for the Injustice soundtrack, and this craaaazy track with El-P. It’s only a snippet actually, but man. The beat is so live, as expected from El-P. “Producer gave me a beat, said it’s da beat of da year, I said El-P didn’t do it, so get da f*ck outta here!” Mike and Producto trade bars so well on this track too. If Run the Jewels follows this level of intensity, then El-P and Killer Mike aren’t leaving their top 3 position no time soon.

Keem is finally back with Shalaam Kenobi and Illoetry. These guys both use a super enjoyable flow on a beat that has such a great melody to it.  This instrumental on some skip-through-the-park stuff. This song is super-catchy, I’ve been listening to it since its release.

And Action Bronson delivers a catchy tune himself with Harry Fraud. The man uses his whimsical lyrics clean cut flow well in this song. Great thing to get your head bobbing. Perhaps Bronson should make a tape with Fraud, he seems to have great chemistry with his instrumentals too.

Freddie Gibbs spits over this jam on Bootleg Kev’s new mixtape called, Empire Business. Gibbs has his typical content in this track, but everything on it just goes in. The beat is already jamming in the first place, then it switches up in the middle, got you doing that “shoulder jump with your arms in front of your face and head shake” dance.