Cal Rips – Phor You

DC/Maryland hip-hop artists Cal Rips and Suede Moccasins team up to create something major. Cal Rips is a vet in the scene. Cal is also a member of the Kool Klux Klan, a collective out the DMV area that has consistently maintained relevance in the area and is claims a massive amount of talent. He’s known for consistently smashing verses in features. On the other hand, you’ve got Suede Moccasins, a Frozen 10-awarded producer who has crafted many of the most impressive instrumentals in the past couple of years. You put it together.


Itz My Single Picks 11/1

November first aka October 32nd aka 10/32 is looking nice already.

Yelawolf got a new EP wit dat boy DJ Paul, and the first single off that joint was excellent. Got yo boy jamming in the whip swerving lane to lane doin basic club dances and whatnot.

Whole Black Fall here.

Sit back and relax with some chill tunes provided by the SuedeGod and da Natti Jedi.  Perfect for da smokers and all that.

R*O*T*I coming soon.

This song isn’t new, but it is to you. Dave B delivers a jumping anthem with this “Lost Boys” track describing the struggles of the comeup, and approaching a rap career. All on this hype ballroom dancing/party type of beat, and a wild flow. Had to be heard.

Inko Sana Bey graces people with some tunes that didn’t make his tape (somehow). But this just builds the anticipation. Check this atmospheric and semi-jazzy joint that transforms to this head banging primal type of beat. Inko and Burger are like Peanut Butter and Jelly… Hamburger and Fries… Mashed taters and gravy.

Listen to the whole EP, if you enjoy.

Also that boy Bronsolino and Party Supplies pizza delivering that new Blue Chips 2, the first was excellente, so I can hope a sequel lives of the the expectations. Stream on da cloud, download on LiveMixtapes.

itz My single picks 6/29


In da midst of a whole bunch of major releases in hip-hop a few artists had balls enough to drop them a lil something also… or maybe they just didn’t really pay attention, who knows? Regardless, these are some nice jams to listen to.

MiaWasHere releases this slowjam-y reminiscing joint produced by the almighty Suedegawd. Girl can spit, switching between slow and double time flows. A lil something for the hip-hop loving ladies to relate to. I mess with it.

SCR’s own, Rickee Stylez owns this shifting and playful beat with switching flows and battle-rap styled wordplay. It’s had a strong spot in my playlist for weeks. Then he finishes the song off spectacularly with his climaxing rhythm. So cold.

Panama Red produces this beat with strong pianos and a melody that possesses you to get up on your feet. And Matt McGhee brings a colorful twist to getting your freak on. It’s only two minutes, but it’s catchy enough for you to be playing over and over and over again.

AND THEN… one of my favorite tracks of recent times, the jam that keeps it cool in the summer, DeLorean Musiq. This song literally makes me want to hustle and cop me a DeLorean so I can bump this in the whip.  The instrumental is cool inspiring and futuristic. It has great progressions in the verses and the hook is just magnifique. Trig’s unique style and delivery along with CJ’s BARS supplements to make, to say the least, a great song.

Itz My Single Picks (5/13)

No intro needed.

Doughmars does it again with his new track 24k. On this track he uses a consistent rhyme schemes and powerful vocabulary to express a player, you-can’t-touch-me type of demeanor. The production on here is also impressive with its old-school, cinematic sound with an intentional lo-fi quality that helps define the term “retroyork” which Mars describes his music as.

Southern artist, Tito Lopez releases this glitzy-sounding single for his new mixtape called “Y.O.U”.  It’s one some come-up humble stuff as far as the content. He also has double features on this with Trae the Truth and Jameel. This is one of the better verses that I’ve heard from Trae lately, though he uses this flow in excess and Jameel shows up impressively as a relatively unknown rapper.

The Architect from the Flatbush Zombies drops a little track to show something new from the gang. It feels like forever since one of them have made or been on a track. Anyway, this song is super groovy, something to easily get you up out your seat and/or head bobbing. Erick also shows a recurring improvement in his delivery. Easy playlist spot.

OWLKINGLORD also makes a heavily entertaining song with this obnoxious and misogynistic track called “Decent” to be featured on his upcoming project called Black Bruce Lee. This song also features the talented emcee, Frostbite and is produced by Suede Moccasins who has tons of other impressive work. I’m interested to see what the KING comes up with in his next feature-length.