AWKWORD – World View

It’s finally here. The first “global 100% for charity hip-hop project”. And besides that, a compilation of 19 dope tracks by the recording artist, AWKWORD, and a league of other talent. It’s definitely been a long time coming. I told ya’ll we’re going to flip the game upside down. No more of that corporate oppression, we’re going to expose all that.

Listen to/download/support here


Willie the Kid – Aquamarine

A great tape by the MC Willie the Kid, cleverly-themed around aquatics. This project is filled with very real and vivid lyrics, strong consonance patterns, and wicked rhyme schemes. This dude has been getting a lot of love and respect in the rap game for his recent musical efforts. Dive in:

Itz My Single Picks 11/1

November first aka October 32nd aka 10/32 is looking nice already.

Yelawolf got a new EP wit dat boy DJ Paul, and the first single off that joint was excellent. Got yo boy jamming in the whip swerving lane to lane doin basic club dances and whatnot.

Whole Black Fall here.

Sit back and relax with some chill tunes provided by the SuedeGod and da Natti Jedi.  Perfect for da smokers and all that.

R*O*T*I coming soon.

This song isn’t new, but it is to you. Dave B delivers a jumping anthem with this “Lost Boys” track describing the struggles of the comeup, and approaching a rap career. All on this hype ballroom dancing/party type of beat, and a wild flow. Had to be heard.

Inko Sana Bey graces people with some tunes that didn’t make his tape (somehow). But this just builds the anticipation. Check this atmospheric and semi-jazzy joint that transforms to this head banging primal type of beat. Inko and Burger are like Peanut Butter and Jelly… Hamburger and Fries… Mashed taters and gravy.

Listen to the whole EP, if you enjoy.

Also that boy Bronsolino and Party Supplies pizza delivering that new Blue Chips 2, the first was excellente, so I can hope a sequel lives of the the expectations. Stream on da cloud, download on LiveMixtapes.

Sir MiLo – Corner Stores and Iron Horses

Excellent. The last of my August Anticipation albums has been released, Corner Stores and Iron Horses by Sir MiLo. Young rapper from Queens dropping his debut as well. If you haven’t heard of MiLo, you should now. His technical skills are amazing, he effortlessly raps varying flows in double-time as well as normal tempo. He has a unique sort of robotic voice/delivery that’s reminiscent of Kendrick Lamar (think Cartoon & Cereal), but still specific to him. His songs range from sweet love jams, to fun anthems about music, to serious conscious stories. This dude is an excellent addition to Hip-hop, give him his proper welcome:

CJ the Genesis – Aloha Mahalo

CJ comes out of nowhere with these 10 cheery and upbeat-sounding songs defined by the man himself as “Trapical”.  I’ve kept up with CJ for a while and he never disappoints, and from listening to this, it’s no exception. Close your eyes and vibe out:

Oh yeah and also check out this other awesome music he released earlier this year.


Omar Bunyan – Sail Fast Live Slow


It’s part one of my August Anticipation series of releases. Sail Fast Live Slow is Omar’s solo debut, he belongs to a group that goes by the name of OXYxMORON. On their latest well-acclaimed mixtape, “The Woods”, dude showed up impressively, showing a strong amount of potential. This tape is a really smooth, jazzy, introspective look at Omar’s life and self-concept. Sail Fast Live Slow effectively describes the overall vibe of the tape. You guys get to download it for free at oxyxmoron’s bandcamp. Stream below:

Also, check out the lyrics to this joint on Rapgenius

Sir E.U. – FXCK2

King Hippo just dropped this project, EP, Mixtape, what-have-you. Sir E.U. has been killing tracks lately, so I couldn’t wait to cop when I heard this joint. I’m bout to bury my ears into this and I’d suggest you do the same. kbye.

P.S. Download link may magically appear later.

Oh, well lookee here ->downloadlink<-

12/28/13 – FXCK2 is no longer available to stream. You must download it. If you’re wary about your computer space (don’t be this is more valuable than that porn on your hard drive), then you can check out my review to see if it’s “worth it”. Stay cold.