Cal Rips – Phor You

DC/Maryland hip-hop artists Cal Rips and Suede Moccasins team up to create something major. Cal Rips is a vet in the scene. Cal is also a member of the Kool Klux Klan, a collective out the DMV area that has consistently maintained relevance in the area and is claims a massive amount of talent. He’s known for consistently smashing verses in features. On the other hand, you’ve got Suede Moccasins, a Frozen 10-awarded producer who has crafted many of the most impressive instrumentals in the past couple of years. You put it together.


Trent Taylor – The Weed Tape

A bunch of laid-back, well-paced, head-nodding riddims to enjoy. “The Weed Tape” is graceful in an upbeat sort of way.  Taylor’s unique style stands out with its ubiquitous voice samples and scratches laced into something super soulful. This composition is ambiguously fits as an easy-listening album, semi-chill jams, or something that inspires one to spit over it.


Soule & Lion – Mainframe

The “Grand Chill” producer teams up with Lion, another dude who has impressed me instrumentally (ya’ll will find out why soon). On some instrumentals. A lil different than what I usually put up, but definitely some of dat good good from people who make valuable contributions to hip-hop. See what else I said about da jownt: Mainframe

Matt McGhee – Good Luck | Music Video

Matt stunts on his haters in this video. This song is fantastic, Matt shows us improved rap skills from his last project, Award, as well as teaming up with rMell to create such a jazzy, soulful, and fervent beat. Like you feel that sax deep in the pit of your stomach. With this track and video, he doesn’t just say, but proves ya’ll won’t hold him back. View:

Also, be on the lookout for Matt’s “1920” album coming soon. This is teaser from it.

Omar Bunyan – Sail Fast Live Slow


It’s part one of my August Anticipation series of releases. Sail Fast Live Slow is Omar’s solo debut, he belongs to a group that goes by the name of OXYxMORON. On their latest well-acclaimed mixtape, “The Woods”, dude showed up impressively, showing a strong amount of potential. This tape is a really smooth, jazzy, introspective look at Omar’s life and self-concept. Sail Fast Live Slow effectively describes the overall vibe of the tape. You guys get to download it for free at oxyxmoron’s bandcamp. Stream below:

Also, check out the lyrics to this joint on Rapgenius

Warm Brew – The Ride mixtape

This smooth crew from California drops this chill project, appropriately named The Ride because it’s riding music. Warm Brew makes great music for summertime vibing, definitely check this out if you like chill stuff. Just looking at the tracklist you can expect audial greatness. One of my personal favorite producers, DJ Dahi (“Money Trees”, “K.O.N.Y”, “My Type of Party”, etc.) lent an instrumental hand to a couple of songs. Also Joe Brown and Danny Dee, who produced “The Woods” with OXYxMORON, dropped in to make some of the beats. And “The Woods” was undoubtedly one of the best pieces of music dropped last year. Enough from me though, check out The Ride yourself and tell me what you think.

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