New Music 10/15/15

Brotherhood members team up and deliver a new smooth catchy single for folks to groove to.

The first single for MJ Withers’ new album “MJW”. An upbeat ominous banger with an aggressive delivery and hype for ages.

A quick freestyle from crazy ol’ Shirt on a head-knockingous beat by Spectacular Diagnosis.

“GAF” is a breakout single, slow club banger by the group Rumour Hasit with rapper and vocalist, Taylor King and Nick Thomas.

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Rickee Stylez – Prevail | Music Video

The “Prevail” music video is an eery introduction into the theme of the Houston artist’s upcoming release titled Nu Testament. The song, video, and ambiance it provides is as dark as the corruption it exposes.  Be enlightened.

Fresh and Frozen

Gotta make ya’ll aware of a couple of new releases that are coming out, not no obvious stuff though this is a place of discovery. I got a few albums from dudes who have shown and proved in the past at least once, and now they got some ear blessings to grant. I’ma just get right into it.

Dig these groovy sounds from the DMV superstar, and fancy flow extraordinaire, Goldlink. Cuz has been putting in work with a handful of hit singles, a dope video that got some major press, and even a noteworthy verse in that Frozen 10-awarded Mike of Doom joint.


Fat Trel recently signed up with the MMG crew, and had to follow up with this project here. This cover has to be the most hilarious cover I’ve ever seen.

Underground hip-hop vets, Cunninglynguists, present this project featuring a load of other underground legends. These dudes have been in the game for over a decade, and continue to fail to disappoint. If you paid attention you might’ve peeped a single or two. Also, this joint was out for free for a few days, so ya’ll gon have to forgive the late report, but you can still listen to the whole joint playas.

Last but not least, it’s ya boy Rugby, the Kush God, the one and only Smoke DZA. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you already know what this is. Go ahead and support that, dude throws in 20+ brand new tracks.

Cold Picks out the Freezer Pt. 1

One of Rickee Stylez newest. That machinegun flow ya’ll love with fun trash talk and braggadocio, and a jiggy beat. And he throws the meanest curveball at the end with the transition wiggling cadences. This joint bumps.

Lost Alumni

Seattle native, Dave B went in on this. This smooth groove is guaranteed a spot in your playlist. You hear bounds of improvement in Dave’s delivery, flow, and style compared to the Coffee EP.

This jazzy sprechgesang is so catchy. Alex Wiley makes you wonder how hard you’ve been sleeping with this track. I’ll give you bout three listens til you singing along to the whole thang.

Incredible track from the nearly perfect pairing of Supahotbeats and Yelawolf. The speckling instrumental that morphs from instrument to instrument on each verse and transition, and you already know Yelawolf is gonna kill it. Only bone to pick is the hook, sounds like he came up with it in 5 seconds.

Purchase for download.

Soule lays some lyrics on the beatmaster, Tantu’s craft. The song is just wonderfully vibrant and screams aspiration.

If you listen, then you should pay close attention

Last, but not least, a sneak peek for MJ Withers’ Past Times and Hard Liquor. This verse just drips darkness with its eery violins and solemn keys.

“I gotta show a different side when the lights lime…”

Year-End Single Picks

Let’s wrap up 2013 with some cool tracks.

Da Legendary Masta Ace has this new track with the Kid Tsu. “TwoThousand40”, we bout 26 years from there now. This song is an interesting story with a lil twist at the end that you’ll catch if you’re familiar with Ace’s work. I wanna say more, but that’ll spoil it. Just listen:

MENT Nelson of the almighty OXYxMORON crew croons some soulful tunes that he didn’t wanna show us at first. Not rap per se, but still great to listen to. MENT is really advancing at his singing ability since I first heard him back in ’12. I’m very impressed with this group.

Inko follows up his Supreme Being joint with this collab with another young rapper. I suppose him and Sophisticated are building an alliance, but you never know. Always fun to listen to dudes kick rhymes over some jazz.

Every rapper has to address his haters and fake friends. LS/Meechy Darko of the Flatbush Zombies does so with his usual raspy delivery and brain-boggling flow. Like you rarely hear someone go ham with their cadences like this.

Read the Flatbush Zombies – BetterOffDead Review

Single Picks 12/11

First things first, brand new MJ Withers. Withers raps about his interpersonal relations with a significant other on this dreamy track. Definitely check out his other content if you’re unfamiliar though, his catalog is too hard to sleep on.

Marley San gets busy with some smooth thuggery laid over some H-town sampling tunes. Joint just possesses your head, you can’t even control the nods.

BMB. and Goldlink collide for this vibrant record. The result is fireworks. This instrumental’s energy and excitement is easily matched with the incredible melodic flow and wild delivery of Goldlink. Yeah.

Itz My Single Picks 9/11

Twelve years ago today was a tragedy in American history, so I’ma briefly acknowledge that. RIP Bernard. RIP everyone else lost of dat day, hope the families of those lost are doing well today in spite of that.


Now, onto this music.

Kwes of the ST3 brought some friends along on this trudging journey through each of their respective minds. Hard, groovy, and introspective track, yet really general. Kinda puts you in that same cloud of thoughts as them as they go through various things they see in the world and in their lives. Lots of contrast from verse to verse, too.

AND ALL WE EVER DO IS COME UP… COME UP… WE COME DOWN… SO WASSUP!?? Aye, this is the jam yo. This joint popped up in my e-mail a while ago, and I’ve been enjoying the hell out of it. Real exciting and hype music. Flow on point, features Ciscero’s specific subject matter. Now ya’ll finally get to jam it. Kids Wear Crowns coming soon.

OWLKINGLORD goes in on this track using a fusion of Alchemist and Lex Luger instrumentation, spitting a lot harder than the dudes who originally rapped on those respective tracks. Dude finds some weird place between comedy, gothic darkness, and just…. spittin’.  Dudes technical ability is just

#*1* El-P Cancer 4 Cure + Honorable Mentions


Song is too long to type about, yet is enchanting enough to listen all the way through. Kinda scary when I think about it, but listen anyway.

eXquire without a doubt had, not only some of his greatest music this year, but some of THE greatest music this year. He seems to have found and embraced his sound with Kismet, or at least whatever went on in his life preceding the project. This song is great: passionate, soulful, deep, sensual, allat. Yuhfeelme? Plus da beat just fills me with youthful vigor. It reminds me of my days down in FL when I was a young buck leaping from logs like frogger and whatnot. Lemme not get carried away though…