Rick Hnter on “Wait 4 Me” and Musical Artistry

Active since 2012, Rick Hnter has been forging his way through the music scene as a vocal talent and producer over the past few years. Based out of Houston, he’s been making his mark in its underground scene as well as collaborating with some of Maryland’s artists. Over the past few weeks he’s released a couple of singles for his upcoming EP “Wait 4 Me”, and plans to get the ball rolling with other releases.

You’ve been busy with a lot of different projects over the years, but at the same time quiet. Why is that?

Rick Hnter: I was skeptical of what route I actually wanted to take… like, “should I go the R&B way, or rap/hip-hop way… Or should I just ride these waves until I get on, then find my own lane. So I just kept working, and now I feel like I know which route I want to go musically.

Oh I see… You’ve got talent in both singing and rapping, so you was trying to figure out how to leverage both?

Rick: Basically, or just find a balance between the two. ‘Cause I never liked being called a rapper or singer. It limits me to just one category you know? And I didn’t want to take the Drake or Kendrick way ’cause I don’t like being compared either (laughs). So it’s like I had to blend the rapper and singer in me with a touch of my own style so I can be my own artist, not someone else I’ve been influenced by.

Hey I respect that because a lot of emerging artists get caught up in their influences.

Exactly! And I peeped that. It’s so hard for artists to be themselves when they take the same route as other artists, you know? And that happens a lot out her in Houston. I don’t want to name drop, but it’s a lot of cats out here trying to sound like a better version of the next guy; but it’s all the same thing, and people gravitate to it temporarily until the next artist sounds like them (laughs). It’s a repeating cycle that I hope to break when these projects release this year.

Yeah I feel like the culture needs to be shaken up. So how does being yourself and balancing your talents influence your creative process?

Being yourself is where the originality comes from. And that plays a key part into creativity. Without originality, it’ll just be a recycle or an imitation. And the balance between talents gives audiences the diversity and shows how much of an impact you can make musically. Plus, most of the artists that sing and rap have longevity in their music career. That’s how I plan on getting and staying in the music game.

You definitely see that with a lot of artists with longer careers. Speaking of that, your first single “Clit” is a good example [of you using both]. Appealing to the ladies I see.

Yeah man, and “Clit” was meant to be a banger, but I didn’t make it for that reason. Like the whole point of me dropping the four singles I dropped was to show my diversity in music. I can write hits. I can freestyle a song, I can sing, AND I can make beats and rap over them. I’m the whole package, and “Wait 4 Me” will show the singing side of that. Prey 4 Blacc will show the rapping side, and Nu Testament will break A LOT of genres. I also have a project called “Dualisms” I’m dropping this year too, it’s gonna be a beat tape of 4 tracks.

My man. Lots of stuff on the way from you. What is Blacc, by the way?

Yes sir! Blacc is an acronym for Belive Learn Achieve Create Conquer. I plan on investing in it to become my brand, and hopefully, my label in the future. Prey 4 Blacc is also the movie title to one of my films I plan on working on this year. I’m dabbling in a lot of things this year. I just hope everyone can keep up with the moves I’m making.

They should definitely be tuned in after you start with “Wait 4 Me”. What’s the release date for that?

Yeah man, “Wait 4 Me” is dropping February 14th, and has a lot of hits on it. But I’ll let the fans decide what they gravitate to the most, and ride that until Prey 4 Blacc is ready to drop. None of the singles I dropped are going to be on the tape [Wait 4 Me]. I’m thinking of putting Untitled 4 on there, but of course it’ll be different than what I already released.

Any closing statement for the people?


F** every rapper out right now, f*** the singers too. It’s Rick Hnter’s year… that is all.


King Rich and Rickee Stylez – Big Poppa

itzdadiabolical presents: a single by King Rich and Rickee Stylez, “Big Poppa”. An obvious nod at the great Notorious BIG on the anniversary of his death. The duo show off with fly lyrics and a cold flow.

Stream and download at Soundcloud

Cold Picks out the Freezer Pt. 1

One of Rickee Stylez newest. That machinegun flow ya’ll love with fun trash talk and braggadocio, and a jiggy beat. And he throws the meanest curveball at the end with the transition wiggling cadences. This joint bumps.

Lost Alumni

Seattle native, Dave B went in on this. This smooth groove is guaranteed a spot in your playlist. You hear bounds of improvement in Dave’s delivery, flow, and style compared to the Coffee EP.

This jazzy sprechgesang is so catchy. Alex Wiley makes you wonder how hard you’ve been sleeping with this track. I’ll give you bout three listens til you singing along to the whole thang.

Incredible track from the nearly perfect pairing of Supahotbeats and Yelawolf. The speckling instrumental that morphs from instrument to instrument on each verse and transition, and you already know Yelawolf is gonna kill it. Only bone to pick is the hook, sounds like he came up with it in 5 seconds.

Purchase for download.

Soule lays some lyrics on the beatmaster, Tantu’s craft. The song is just wonderfully vibrant and screams aspiration.

If you listen, then you should pay close attention

Last, but not least, a sneak peek for MJ Withers’ Past Times and Hard Liquor. This verse just drips darkness with its eery violins and solemn keys.

“I gotta show a different side when the lights lime…”

Rickee Stylez – F.Y.V.E.


Texan firespitter, Rickee Stylez, grants some audial goodness with his debut musical compilation. He comes right out the gate with a concept of social enlightenment along with some clever wordplay, and strong technical ability. This is the second of my August Anticipation projects I’ve been telling ya’ll to check out. I feel like this is a birth to a potentially legendary MC’s career. Enjoy this, and let me know how you’re liking his tunes.


Also, check the lyrics to the tape on Rapgenius

itz My single picks 6/29


In da midst of a whole bunch of major releases in hip-hop a few artists had balls enough to drop them a lil something also… or maybe they just didn’t really pay attention, who knows? Regardless, these are some nice jams to listen to.

MiaWasHere releases this slowjam-y reminiscing joint produced by the almighty Suedegawd. Girl can spit, switching between slow and double time flows. A lil something for the hip-hop loving ladies to relate to. I mess with it.

SCR’s own, Rickee Stylez owns this shifting and playful beat with switching flows and battle-rap styled wordplay. It’s had a strong spot in my playlist for weeks. Then he finishes the song off spectacularly with his climaxing rhythm. So cold.

Panama Red produces this beat with strong pianos and a melody that possesses you to get up on your feet. And Matt McGhee brings a colorful twist to getting your freak on. It’s only two minutes, but it’s catchy enough for you to be playing over and over and over again.

AND THEN… one of my favorite tracks of recent times, the jam that keeps it cool in the summer, DeLorean Musiq. This song literally makes me want to hustle and cop me a DeLorean so I can bump this in the whip. ¬†The instrumental is cool inspiring and futuristic. It has great progressions in the verses and the hook is just magnifique. Trig’s unique style and delivery along with CJ’s BARS supplements to make, to say the least, a great song.

Itz My Single Picks 4/27


What’s crackin ya’ll, I’m back with a couple of cold releases to finish off the month of April

First off I got this intense double-time track ripper known as Rickee Stylez. This guy spits like a machine gun over the “Bonfire” instrumental with incredible aggression and charismatic personality. SCR

Next up this track from Doughmars, who also made the instrumental. The result is a really mellow old-school sound with catchy lyrics sprinkled on top of it. The talking samples also add a nice vibe to this song. Overall it kinda puts you in this different zone with its overall sound.

Ab-soul does some trademark verbal origami with his wordplay on this “The End is Near” song. Mac Miller also shows up impressively on the instrumental. Just another little teaser from Ab to give his fans before his next project, shows he still has bars.

Also got some euphoric tunes from some other west coast cats. It’s off some “today’s gonna be a good day” type stuff. I’m loving the jazzy piano. Features my boy Prometheus Brown from the Blue Scholars.