King Rich – Dutchmasters: The Purple Theory

Chiefy Panda finally releases his anticipated third project, the Purple Theory. The majority of this album is produced by the supremely talented Suede Moccasins along with an instrumental made by Sol Daylahh who produced the Mareo Nissan EP I posted earlier, and one from Chief Panda himself. I’m about two songs in and its sounding good, it’s chill music. Listen for yourself though.

download here


Itzme Spotlight: King Rich


To celebrate his upcoming release, here’s a write-up on the one and only Chief Panda aka King Rich. He’s a DMV artist that I’ve had the pleasure to see perform a couple times. Rich has a unique take on his rapping with subjects favoring, but not limited to, personal life, women, and dat kush. He also has a distinctive flow that’s reminiscent of ditties and stuff.

He released two projects already, Bow Down and Bipolar. You can peep those on his bandcamp page. As a relatively new rapper, Chief Panda has been improving rapidly throughout his career. Kush Thoughts is an epic example of this, this song is the JAM  with a catchy flow and memorable lyrics. Also featuring Cal Rips from the Kool Klux Klan.

Stay tuned for the Purple Theory dropping tomorrow night at 8 p.m. boiiiiiiiii