Steel Tipped Dove – arguing on the internet is cool and fun

An anonymous Brooklyn producer with a knack for quirky titles has a new set of sounds for 2016. Collaborating with the likes of Kool A.D., SHIRT, and Mr. Muthaf*ckin Exquire, Steel Tipped Dove has become a staple hip-hop producer for me. Enjoy these 16 tracks of instrumental goodness.


Trent Taylor + The Weed Tape Rejects

Last year, The Weed Tape was dropped and Trent Taylor hasn’t stopped since. He’s teamed up with Elijah Kilo for a 6-track EP, and is going strong with his Weed Tape series. The third installment, Rejects, goes against what one would think by its title.

The tape has a groovy and lax vibe laid over like a filter, but digging deeper into the tracks you get a bunch of different styles. Time Blunt of Hour features head-bobbing rhythmic stuttering in the sample. The watery rifts of The Hu$tle puts folks in a drifting daze. Characteristic sampling and other soundbits are entertaining. The variance between the instrumental styles is magnetic.

Throughout the album there are parts to chill to, and parts to jam to. And the timing between tracks along with the transitions and interludes are sweet; exquisite even, flowing like silk. I’ve been enjoying this for a few weeks, so I had to pass it on. Here’s a 19-track gift for ya’ll, use it as the soundtrack to your day.

dghsport 2014 mini spring collection

A collection of instrumentals. No, more than that. This production speaks to you from dgh’s soul. If one had to describe it, they’d probably say its “hip-hop glazed with techno-funk”. The dghsport spring collection introduces you to an entirely new type of sound, that despite its peculiarity, is easily welcome to new ears. The sounds are so spacious and crisp. This is mixed to perfection. I’ve always enjoyed music from this dude.

Trent Taylor – The Weed Tape

A bunch of laid-back, well-paced, head-nodding riddims to enjoy. “The Weed Tape” is graceful in an upbeat sort of way.  Taylor’s unique style stands out with its ubiquitous voice samples and scratches laced into something super soulful. This composition is ambiguously fits as an easy-listening album, semi-chill jams, or something that inspires one to spit over it.


Tree – The @MCTREEG EP

Not really rap specifically (though it has rapping), but after Tree conquered rap with his soultrap flair, he’s now moved onto a more bluesy style of music. Tree went in last year with his critically-acclaimed and Frozen 10 award-winning mixtape Sunday School II: When the Church Lets Out, just so you know who you’re dealing wit. You’re going to be singing along to, and humming these jams for months.

Read the review.

Soule & Lion – Mainframe

The “Grand Chill” producer teams up with Lion, another dude who has impressed me instrumentally (ya’ll will find out why soon). On some instrumentals. A lil different than what I usually put up, but definitely some of dat good good from people who make valuable contributions to hip-hop. See what else I said about da jownt: Mainframe

Steel Tipped Dove – & a whole bunch of crazy m*** 2

Just letting ya’ll know about this tape made by this nice producer. I found out about him through some of the incredible tracks he produced for NY artist, T.Shirt, who dropped one of the best projects of 2012. He has a real unique style that’s difficult to explain, kinda ominous and uses a lot of plinky sounds as a main melody. Dove recruited a rack of MCs for this tape, including a few I’ve seen like Shirt, Awkword, and Kool AD. Bury your ears into this: