Hip-Hop Is Full of Thugs

Ever since the murders of young men like Oscar Grant and Trayvon martin, a lot of awareness is being built up for America’s 400+ year relationship with “minorities”, particularly black people. Fast-forward to 2015, black pride is probably the strongest it has been in this whole generation. And hip-hop, one of the most dominant forces in our modern society has reflected this in a truly powerful way.

Rappers have stepped up to the political forefront as champions for the cause for equality. Killer Mike has appeared all over news channels, sharing his articulate insight on the current sociopolitical climate

As he has, very fervently, in his music

As he has, very fervently, in his music

Him doing so has created a powerful visibility for a number of things, namely the Run the Jewels brand and the movement. Needless to say, hip-hop is proud.

Another example of engaged rappers is Talib Kweli. The legend has been sharing wisdom all over his social networks, as well as appearing on CNN. Just follow him on social media to see this.

In fact, social media has been a pivotal point in this new movement, as we see many celebrities and artists share their thoughts and feelings in a way that has never been shown and shared before. Twitter posts by artists surrounding incidents around police brutality or screwy media quickly hit headlines. Anything you see on the internet quickly spurs huge conversations, for example, Azealia Banks’ fiascos.

Most profoundly of all, this has leaked into the music of many artists, underground and mainstream. The commentary presented in Kendrick Lamar’s “Alright” video is powerful and potent.

Many have taken his last album to be a “pro-black” composition, although it’s moreso a story of Kendrick Lamar’s revelation after conquering his bouts of depression and simply brushing and bumping past the concept of “pro-black”. And his messages has transcended circles of hip-hop into mainstream media, albeit misconstrued. Big name artists team up to make posse tracks. Up and comers deliver powerful passion of these incidents hungrily. Benjamin Starr, for one, deserves a huge mention that’s packed with black pride and empowerment from front to back.

It’s refreshing to see that as much to see that things have evolved and changed, a lot has stayed the same. Hip-hop is still the voice for those who wouldn’t have had one otherwise.

Watch the lyric video for “Thuggin'” by Glasses Malone


Fresh and Frozen

Gotta make ya’ll aware of a couple of new releases that are coming out, not no obvious stuff though this is a place of discovery. I got a few albums from dudes who have shown and proved in the past at least once, and now they got some ear blessings to grant. I’ma just get right into it.

Dig these groovy sounds from the DMV superstar, and fancy flow extraordinaire, Goldlink. Cuz has been putting in work with a handful of hit singles, a dope video that got some major press, and even a noteworthy verse in that Frozen 10-awarded Mike of Doom joint.


Fat Trel recently signed up with the MMG crew, and had to follow up with this project here. This cover has to be the most hilarious cover I’ve ever seen.

Underground hip-hop vets, Cunninglynguists, present this project featuring a load of other underground legends. These dudes have been in the game for over a decade, and continue to fail to disappoint. If you paid attention you might’ve peeped a single or two. Also, this joint was out for free for a few days, so ya’ll gon have to forgive the late report, but you can still listen to the whole joint playas.

Last but not least, it’s ya boy Rugby, the Kush God, the one and only Smoke DZA. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you already know what this is. Go ahead and support that, dude throws in 20+ brand new tracks.

Instrumental Goodness

Producers deserve shine too! These are the most balla beats I’ve compiled over the past couple months or so.  I jam these out my headphones, speakers, extravagant sound system, etc. You gotta listen to these.

Oh lawwd. Got that jazzy sax up in there, catchy whistling tune, jamming drums.. I’m loving this. It’s like da perfect combination of smooth and upbeat.

Yeah. This joint will make you wanna dance, boy.  Them thick strings that give you the feeling of floating away are gorgeous (hence the name and picture I suppose).  The “by faith” voice and that rap sample was just sprinkled into the beat at the right time. I can easily just sit around bobbin my head to this joint for hours.

Oh… goodness. Man this beat is great. It’s inspiring. Addictive. The whole beat has this funky and soulful sound, stylistic of the “Grand Chill Producer”. A little oriental swag to it to, whether intentional or not. Plus those light cymbals on the drop make me swoon.


This joint is gradiose, fervent, passionate, yet… ignant. It’s like glorifying entrance music. The glistening synths combined with that power moaning organ just makes you walk up in da room like.

This some ol ethereal eurhythmic something else that starts with “e” type of music. Reminds me of Raider Klan and Clams Casino production. Just real glitzy and spacial, but still something you can bounce to.

So yeah, enjoy that, and if you haven’t had enough, peep this sneak peek of Kisai the Spooniest Bard’s new beat tape. Dude did some glorious work for some of the best hip-hop this year (FXCK2), so this is doing YOU a favor. Ya feel me? SpoonyRPG