Kwes da Natty Jedi – R*O*T*I

Audial epics by ST3 rapper, Kwes da Natty Jedi. Yo boy chills, spits, swags, and flows his way through this 8-track EP. He establishes himself in more than one type of sound, which is commendable in itself. You also get a piece of Kwes the man, in his personal life. It goes deeper than just talking trash on tracks. Features Frozen 10 awardees, CJ the Genesis and Suede Moccasins, among others .


Itz My Single Picks 11/1

November first aka October 32nd aka 10/32 is looking nice already.

Yelawolf got a new EP wit dat boy DJ Paul, and the first single off that joint was excellent. Got yo boy jamming in the whip swerving lane to lane doin basic club dances and whatnot.

Whole Black Fall here.

Sit back and relax with some chill tunes provided by the SuedeGod and da Natti Jedi.  Perfect for da smokers and all that.

R*O*T*I coming soon.

This song isn’t new, but it is to you. Dave B delivers a jumping anthem with this “Lost Boys” track describing the struggles of the comeup, and approaching a rap career. All on this hype ballroom dancing/party type of beat, and a wild flow. Had to be heard.

Inko Sana Bey graces people with some tunes that didn’t make his tape (somehow). But this just builds the anticipation. Check this atmospheric and semi-jazzy joint that transforms to this head banging primal type of beat. Inko and Burger are like Peanut Butter and Jelly… Hamburger and Fries… Mashed taters and gravy.

Listen to the whole EP, if you enjoy.

Also that boy Bronsolino and Party Supplies pizza delivering that new Blue Chips 2, the first was excellente, so I can hope a sequel lives of the the expectations. Stream on da cloud, download on LiveMixtapes.

Itz My Single Picks 9/11

Twelve years ago today was a tragedy in American history, so I’ma briefly acknowledge that. RIP Bernard. RIP everyone else lost of dat day, hope the families of those lost are doing well today in spite of that.


Now, onto this music.

Kwes of the ST3 brought some friends along on this trudging journey through each of their respective minds. Hard, groovy, and introspective track, yet really general. Kinda puts you in that same cloud of thoughts as them as they go through various things they see in the world and in their lives. Lots of contrast from verse to verse, too.

AND ALL WE EVER DO IS COME UP… COME UP… WE COME DOWN… SO WASSUP!?? Aye, this is the jam yo. This joint popped up in my e-mail a while ago, and I’ve been enjoying the hell out of it. Real exciting and hype music. Flow on point, features Ciscero’s specific subject matter. Now ya’ll finally get to jam it. Kids Wear Crowns coming soon.

OWLKINGLORD goes in on this track using a fusion of Alchemist and Lex Luger instrumentation, spitting a lot harder than the dudes who originally rapped on those respective tracks. Dude finds some weird place between comedy, gothic darkness, and just…. spittin’.  Dudes technical ability is just

#*1* El-P Cancer 4 Cure + Honorable Mentions


Song is too long to type about, yet is enchanting enough to listen all the way through. Kinda scary when I think about it, but listen anyway.

eXquire without a doubt had, not only some of his greatest music this year, but some of THE greatest music this year. He seems to have found and embraced his sound with Kismet, or at least whatever went on in his life preceding the project. This song is great: passionate, soulful, deep, sensual, allat. Yuhfeelme? Plus da beat just fills me with youthful vigor. It reminds me of my days down in FL when I was a young buck leaping from logs like frogger and whatnot. Lemme not get carried away though…

New EPs (5/29)

Today marks the release of the long looong loooooong awaited 90s Nostalgia EP of the Shinobi of the 12 Tribes. This EP is filled with allusions to huge parts of the culture of 90s babies’ childhoods, like animes and video games on the N64 among other things. It also has a great smooth sound and classic vibe to it. In this EP the group honestly reminds me of a young Outkast. Blast from the past.

Also Brotherhood artist, Express dropped his EP called Influential Thoughts not too long ago. Make sure ya’ll check that out.  It’s some real mellow stuff, I’m heard it a few times and I mess with it. Can’t really detail the sound otherwise.

Itz Me Single Picks 3/30

Yeeeaaaaaaaaaah, I’m back with the coldest tracks of recent times. I actually couldn’t wait to make this one, almost put this out a day or so earlier, but I held on and found a lil more good hip-hop for you guys.

First of all we got this track from Kwes from the Shinobi of the 12 Tribes with MC Frost and SB. This beat by Fresco Stevens just sounds so smooth and soulful man. I actually had to go on a twitter rant about it. 90’s Nostalgia EP coming soon.

Next up, I’ve finally just gave into the folk fusion Aesop Rock got going on. I didn’t even have to warm up to this, it jammed on the first listen. And the story is an allegory for a greater meaning that I don’t totally understand yet, but it’s pretty sweet. It’s on some bob-your-head-from-side-to-side-singalong type music, but still Aesop spitting hard as usual. This dude is on the comeup something serious, and I’m feeling this Hokey Fright album is looking like a cop.

Another You remix is a tight midwest mashup with Kanye, Chip, and Gibbs. Real lax and jazzy song, and everyone does their thang on this. I’m really feeling Chip’s second verse on this jownt. Track is so groovy you forget it’s five minutes long. Take a good listen.

Freeway drops a song for hot new hip hop, and it fits cuz dude is spittin heat; even though I emphasize being cool on this site. Anyway, dudes flow and rhythm was mad catchy and he came up with a good hook. Beats kinda simple, but still jams though. Got that slow, epic, movie ending type sound to it. Great short song for HNHH, shouts out. Ya’ll better than Datpiff.

THIS. SONG. JAMS. I know I’m late, I missed this in my last single picks, but it’s so good I had to carry it over. Good that classic church chorus, gospel sounding beat that makes you wanna clap your hands in that same rhythm that you do every sunday. Then the beat switches up to this sad joint, which still has that gospel-ish sound to it with the organ. The beat fits the story of the song so well, and it sounds so good.

Shinobi of the 12 Tribes – Milotic

Shinobi of the 12 tribes got this brand new single for their upcoming project, 90’s Nostalgia EP. You can imagine they take a lot of influence from 90’s shows and games. They got a real unique style that you don’t see anybody in the game coming with right now. Support talented artists.

If you mess with this, you’ll love their other stuff here