Year-End Single Picks

Let’s wrap up 2013 with some cool tracks.

Da Legendary Masta Ace has this new track with the Kid Tsu. “TwoThousand40”, we bout 26 years from there now. This song is an interesting story with a lil twist at the end that you’ll catch if you’re familiar with Ace’s work. I wanna say more, but that’ll spoil it. Just listen:

MENT Nelson of the almighty OXYxMORON crew croons some soulful tunes that he didn’t wanna show us at first. Not rap per se, but still great to listen to. MENT is really advancing at his singing ability since I first heard him back in ’12. I’m very impressed with this group.

Inko follows up his Supreme Being joint with this collab with another young rapper. I suppose him and Sophisticated are building an alliance, but you never know. Always fun to listen to dudes kick rhymes over some jazz.

Every rapper has to address his haters and fake friends. LS/Meechy Darko of the Flatbush Zombies does so with his usual raspy delivery and brain-boggling flow. Like you rarely hear someone go ham with their cadences like this.

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Itz My Single Picks 11/1

November first aka October 32nd aka 10/32 is looking nice already.

Yelawolf got a new EP wit dat boy DJ Paul, and the first single off that joint was excellent. Got yo boy jamming in the whip swerving lane to lane doin basic club dances and whatnot.

Whole Black Fall here.

Sit back and relax with some chill tunes provided by the SuedeGod and da Natti Jedi.  Perfect for da smokers and all that.

R*O*T*I coming soon.

This song isn’t new, but it is to you. Dave B delivers a jumping anthem with this “Lost Boys” track describing the struggles of the comeup, and approaching a rap career. All on this hype ballroom dancing/party type of beat, and a wild flow. Had to be heard.

Inko Sana Bey graces people with some tunes that didn’t make his tape (somehow). But this just builds the anticipation. Check this atmospheric and semi-jazzy joint that transforms to this head banging primal type of beat. Inko and Burger are like Peanut Butter and Jelly… Hamburger and Fries… Mashed taters and gravy.

Listen to the whole EP, if you enjoy.

Also that boy Bronsolino and Party Supplies pizza delivering that new Blue Chips 2, the first was excellente, so I can hope a sequel lives of the the expectations. Stream on da cloud, download on LiveMixtapes.

Itz My Single Picks 6/4

Haven’t done one of these in a good while. Nobody has really been putting out any singles I reeeally mess with. There are a few unreleased jams that ya’ll need to hear, but y’know, they’re unreleased. Anyway let’s get started.

Soundcloud is a wondrous place where you can discover artists off the random. Found this guy Inko Sana Bey and heard his newest track “The Only Goal” in which the guy cleverly used the slow drumline to add flexibility to the tempo of his flow which then emphasized his profound personality in the song. I’m watching out for this guy. Cuz also shouted out Avion at the end (R.I.P)

Queens spitter Sir Milo goes in on this boom-bap beat with his never-resting flow and robotic delivery. Milo masters the instrumental with seamless transitions of flow patterns and tempos. Dude is such a unique new talent in hip-hop, but don’t take it from me.

Mostlyjunkfood premieres Warm Brew’s new track entitled “Congregate” featuring the great OXYxMORON. If you’ve never heard of Oxy, check this out. The song is a posse track with a very different vibe to it. Along with the two group’s vocals, Danny Dee creates a smooth beat that you’d wanna go on a road trip to. The producer complements Oxy’s tracks as closely to perfect as possible and track is just another example. This track is like perfect riding music.

Warm Brew – “Congregate” ft. OXYxMORON

Lastly we got a single for Run the Jewels, a group formed by two of the most incredible hip-hop artists of the recent time period, El-P and Killer Mike. There was a snippet out for this before, but now the song is complete with a feature from one half of the legendary Outkast, Big Boi. Track is full of quotables and Killer and Producto destroy the instrumental with back-to-back bars, then dish it to Big Boi who finishes with finesse.