YNOHTNA (Self-Titled Album)

The pair of Anthonys from the Ill Doots crew put together their skills to form a brand new sound. One could hardly know what to expect, but what everyone can expect is some instrumentation, progressive rhymes, and good music. Y NOHT tune in?
No tomatoes please…


Wonka Wednesdays

Ill Doots’ Sly Tompson has something for your ears. Wonka Beats is a collection of instrumentals deftly built with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory samples alone, to the point to where you wouldn’t even realize the limitation (if you want to call it that). With these tracks, a challenge is issued. The Wonka Wednesdays series where “every rapper with a set of balls is expected to go the f** in”.

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Check it out:

If you’ve got bars, download it here, and swing it to illdoots@gmail.com

ILL Doots – Future Dia(NA)log

It’s the illmovement! Brand new release from the hypertalented band. The Doots camp is no stranger the social commentary and conscious subject matter, but this specific release is more focused on that. The vocals are accentuated to embolden the meaning and message of the songs. Wealth of mind, wealth of grind.

Ill Doots – The Adventures of Pea Mason and the All-Seeing Eye: Quest for the Lost Dilla Tapes


Fantastical supergroup Ill Doots gives us a musical story to attend our ears. They were just in my town about a week ago, but I couldn’t see the show because I lost my wallet

But anyway, the Doots are hella creative with this one. Like I said, in my writeup on them they’re just an amazing rap group. A breath of fresh air to say the least. This tape features a ton of theatrics and riveting instrumentals. I’m not going to spoil it for you, so embark on this mysterious journey of wondrous hip-hop my friends.

Itzme Spotlight: Ill Doots

Hip-hop has a lot of experimentation, and diversity to its sound. Within the genre you’ll find instrumentation that ranges from sounding like hard metal to smooth jazz. One thing that is rare is the rap music is bands. The only bands I can manage to think of are The Roots and Ill Doots, both based out of Philly. I’m gonna show ya’ll about the latter.

As stated earlier, Ill Doots is a hip-hop band with 8 members; two MCs and 6 instrumentalists. Together they create a real unique and artsy sound that was immediately noticeable on their debut, Meteor Music.

Honestly, their style is too varied to describe generally. You feel the influences of all the different members on the songs. Phantom has snide and clever lyrics and a spitter’s style while Tex contrasts with his unique and twangy delivery with a smooth flow. And later on in the group’s career they’ve included other members like Prof. Dex.

While having an incredibly impressive debut (practically a classic), Ill Doots have had a lot of growth and refined sound since 2009. The group has grown into one of the most impressive live hip-hop acts ever with their great sound and coordination. The group has many songs that are exclusively live, and even under the energy and commotion going on in a live show their songs sound better than many studio songs.

Aside from the sonic superiority of their music, they also have strong social messages in many of their songs like their “Message to WestboroBaptistChurch” more recently.

Recently, the group has been coming out with a slew of powerful singles for their 2x Tuesday which I’ve frequently picked for my single picks. The compositions of these songs are beyond excellent, from the concepts to the harmony of the sounds. A perfect example would be the song “Anti-Gravity” where the members sing together in a well-executed chorus with the instruments matching the intensity or smoothness of the vocalists’ melodies.

Ill Doots is a unique hip-hop group with great music that needs to be heard everywhere. I personally don’t have a single other act I’d rather see live instead of this group. Check out all their music for timeless entertainment. Also, if you want to see these guys live, which you should, donate to their cause. Even a dollar could help them out, you could miss out on an Arizona or sumn.

Itz My Single Picks 2/28/13

Sup ya’ll, I’m back to smack you in the face with some brand new tracks. It’s been a little slow between this picks and my last one, but its cool cuz we getting whole albums, EPs, etc.

The single we’re gonna start with is from the late great (not literally) Flatbush Zombies. This joint gets me so hype, they kill this and it just seems like Erick just gets better and better and producing… and rapping too forreal. His verse starts real calm then just rises out da grave. Meech and Juice slaughter the track as usual too. I love this song.

This ones a no brainer. Brand new Big KRIT single. Not exactly the best example of what I was talkin about in my “Southern Movement” article, but its still pretty good. KRIT seems like he’s getting real comfortable with that flow he’s using, which I hope he doesn’t because that ruins a lot of MCs. Production is really where he shines (no pun intended) on this track, it’s a different sound from his older instrumentals and just really good.

If you’ve been living under a rock and still haven’t been listening to Ill Doots 2x Tuesday releases, well here’s one of them. Stay in the loop. This is a cold track with a play on the phrase “Manifest Destiny” and it has a western sound that fits that theme, and Tex’s voice matches perfectly with it. I mess this.

This track is a month old, but new to my ears and likely to yours. The beat is amazing, a real funky, disco type of beat that makes you wanna get off your butt. And Keem raps on this song with an impeccable swag that needs no interruptions from hooks or bridges. A worthy listen indeed.


Tight New Singles

Yeah, I don’t have a date on this one, but these are some balla singles I’ve been listening to lately that ya’ll NEED to listen to.

Firstly, I wanna reintroduce Ill Doots with this amazing single they dropped called Anti-Gravity. Honestly, I can’t stop listening to this joint . It just sounds so great and it has such a fun and inclusive sound to it. All the people on the track really have the chemistry that a band should have.

Two great rappers get together on a 9th Wonder produced track. And you know 9th Wonder always making good productions and whatnot. But yeah I think KRIT is on a roll, I think he has something to prove.

This right here is a beast posse track including one of my favorite newer hip-hop artists, T.Shirt. It has that early 2000s underground sound to it with the sort of epic sound and the turntable work and all that. All these artists are spittin’ HARD on this joint.

And Sir EU eats this bananas beat apirhgsdhgap this joint makes me go crazy. This beat transitions so much and EU’s awkward flow matches it so perfectly. Cal Rips goes in on this joint too, speeding up his flow as the song progresses. This joint is crazy nice though, I’ma be looking out for the producer, Kisai.