Cold Picks out the Freezer Pt. 1

One of Rickee Stylez newest. That machinegun flow ya’ll love with fun trash talk and braggadocio, and a jiggy beat. And he throws the meanest curveball at the end with the transition wiggling cadences. This joint bumps.

Lost Alumni

Seattle native, Dave B went in on this. This smooth groove is guaranteed a spot in your playlist. You hear bounds of improvement in Dave’s delivery, flow, and style compared to the Coffee EP.

This jazzy sprechgesang is so catchy. Alex Wiley makes you wonder how hard you’ve been sleeping with this track. I’ll give you bout three listens til you singing along to the whole thang.

Incredible track from the nearly perfect pairing of Supahotbeats and Yelawolf. The speckling instrumental that morphs from instrument to instrument on each verse and transition, and you already know Yelawolf is gonna kill it. Only bone to pick is the hook, sounds like he came up with it in 5 seconds.

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Soule lays some lyrics on the beatmaster, Tantu’s craft. The song is just wonderfully vibrant and screams aspiration.

If you listen, then you should pay close attention

Last, but not least, a sneak peek for MJ Withers’ Past Times and Hard Liquor. This verse just drips darkness with its eery violins and solemn keys.

“I gotta show a different side when the lights lime…”