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NEW COOL is a weekly offering of summer hip-hop playlists with the best new rap tracks that the genre has to offer. You can listen on soundcloud, and it will be playing on this page as well.

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New EPs (3/5)

Got some brand new projects for ya’ll to check out. Some interesting music that needs to be heard.



We gonna start off with Midcity by Clipping. Clipping has this unique production style where they use other little noises in their music instead of the typical instrumental “music” usually used. Think of that scene in Tarzan when they was banging on pots and stuff and make a beat out of that

but the noises aren’t limited to banging they have other weird distortion sounds too, as you’ll hear in the intro that sounds like bad reception. And the rapping is what I’d like to call swag rap. Even amidst such strange sounds the emcee manages to rap comfortably and smoothly. In a way, a weird way, the rapping reminds me of A$AP Rocky. So if you’re ready to hear something new definitely check this out.

Next up we got the Mareo Nissan by CeeMajor and Sol Daylahhh. This joint is a real fun collaborative EP and a lot of mellow instrumentals. Features freestyles and fun lyrics like when CJ’s raging and saying “f*ck the Seahawks” as a Redskins fan, or OWLKINGLORD displays his iconic whimsical lyrics. Anyway, this is some quick entertaining ish for hip-hop heads. Definitely worth checking out, so do that.