Itzme Review: Big KRIT – #WeekofKRIT

After some slightly underwhelming efforts of the Mississippian emcee, Big KRIT smashes on the game with the Cadillactica prequel and hype-builder titled: #WeekofKRIT. This collection of 6 songs, plus a trailer and documentary (which we’re not talking about right now) is absolutely excellent. It easily raises the bar for anyone putting out some content in the near future. The beats are all just so awesome, and the songs are otherwise well-composed. Not all of them really talk about something, but they still maintain that impressive musical element.

The first of his onslaught of gems is the “New Agenda” joint with rap’s favorite [living] fatboy. Some groovy head-bobbing trunk blasting music that you’ll expect from Big KRIT with some jazzy flavor sprinkled in. Both KRIT and Rozay ride the beat in catchy fashion, particularly rhythmically on that drop in the verse. And you never get a Ross verse without a quick reference to some lemon pepper wings.

The transition on the last verse is just icing to the definition of KRIT’s producing genius.

Next up is the Conscious Effort freestyle. You can tell, the opening ish-talk was inspired by recent collaborator, Z-ro. But anyway, this song is on some slight stuff. Really simple, yet likeable, instrumental loop with a relatively clever freestyle layered over. You get aggressive boasts and a rare punchline from Big KRIT like:

“If I say I’m poppin’ fo’ sho’, you’ll probably think I’m fryin’ fish

…Maybe I was ***,

cuz dropping a boombox in your bathtub is the only way you could buzz more”

Awkwardly executed, but I dig it. Like I said, this song was just some slight stuff.

Laclaclaclaclac slammin’ doors and uh… This is the jam. Has that really old-school southern feel to it. This song feels like some old school UGK blended with some throwback Bone with that Ferg verse in it. Well… almost. The A$AP representer delivers a cold fast-paced flow, but then reminds you why you often don’t take him seriously with rudimental lines like, “I can see you haters from here, I can spot you out of my chair”

Still something you can ride slow to though.

Whoooo lawd, Wolf on Wallstreet has that sound that should earn it as many awards as the movie it shares name with. Bruh, this joint SLAPS. It’s gon have your grandmother doin triple backflips and whatnot. I don’t know how KRIT and Childish Major made this beat together, but boy did they kill it. First UOENO, and now this? If you don’t have an eye on Childish Major right now, you slippin.

Then step into the 3-man spitfest with frequent collaborators: Big Sant and Smoke DZA. The song is ridiculous honestly. Those drums are just so active on this joint, they chill for a few seconds then go ham. The dinging noise filled into those intervals almost too nicely. I literally cannot explain to you how bombastic this beat is. Then to match, you get three incredible verses as well. KRIT puts pressure on you fools with some aggressive delivery, and Big Sant continues the legacy with that same intensity added along with some lewd, but effective rhyme schemes. Then Rugby Thompson cruises in on the chill tip, and Mortal Kombat finishes it by going in on the drop. Mm mm mm.

Last, but not least, Egyptian Cotton. Actually, Egyptian Cotton is the most impressive song out of this collection. KRIT expresses the feeling of living with and without luxury. The song sounds like some fresh, sleek, satin-type stuff. I don’t know what Egyptian cotton feels like, but this song makes it sound like the materials for Heaven’s best tapestries. This is one of Big KRIT’s best songs.



Itzme Review: Big K.R.I.T. – King Remembered In Time

best cover art, btw

King Remembered In Time is the latest installment in Big KRIT’s near-legendary collection of free projects. If you follow my articles, you’d know I had high expectations for KRIT’s next couple of moves, and while this joint didn’t quite meet them fully, I was impressed several times.

Sometimes I’ll encounter someone who didn’t dig KRIT’s music much. When I asked them why they didn’t (on a serious note), they would often say, “His songs sound the same,” something I totally disagreed with at the time. This tape makes it hard to defend him in that light though. “Talkin Bout Nothing” is sonically similar to “What U Mean”. “My Trunk” sounds like “My Sub pt. 3”, and he re-uses some of his catchphrases like “What’s a king without his crown?” among others, but whatever. It’s almost like he’s trying to be on some Wale swag.

As far as continuing his trend of mixtape greatness, his stats drop a little. With his first three, KRIT effortlessly managed to stack his mixtapes with almost 20 songs on average without having anything that feels like filler. This tape has filler. “Just Last Week”, though a snippet, is a huge letdown. Future has a niche, that as a [talented] producer you should be able to take a huge advantage of. A producer of KRIT’s caliber is undoubtedly able to use Future better for a track. The bangers on this tape jam, but don’t stand out. The lyrics are also hella rendundant, too. Basically that means that while they have nice beats, they won’t survive long in anyone’s playlist because they don’t have anything that makes them pop. A couple of those same songs have the weakest lyrical points of this, too.

Now I know it sounds like I’m just slandering this mixtape, but it had its strong lyrical points and strong points in general too. KRIT has some sweet poetic expression in several songs.

“My eyes too cold to see your goals”

Matter of fact, a few songs on this stand out so strongly that it saves the whole composition. “Bigger Picture” is easily a contender for Big KRIT’s best song period. With its concept of pictures and art and all that other obvious stuff; along with its message and story, “Bigger Picture” is just a lyrical masterpiece. On top of that, the sample, beat, and mood, fit together wonderfully. “WTF”, despite its slight tempo issues, is also great because of its theme, the stories in the song, and creative use of a spoken-word rapping style. “Banana Clip Theory” speaks for itself; it’s a popular song anyway so I don’t care to elaborate. And “REM” is my favorite song off here, because the sample is used in such a powerful way that emancipates your spirit like da sheep talisman.

King Remembered In Time is definitely a good mixtape, but it didn’t quite reach that level of fantastic-ness that I expected it to, so even though I sound so upset with it, don’t take it as “oh, this guy hates this tape”. KRIT shows his progression in rapping ability in small peeks throughout the project, but the overall execution seemed just a little sloppy and unfocused. Nonetheless I still look forward to hearing more from this guy, who’s been one of my favorites since “KRIT Wuz Here”.

Keep this in the freezer, folks.

Favorites: “Bigger Picture” “REM” “My Trunk”

Songs That Blew Me: “How U Luv That” “Talkin Bout Nothin” “My Trunk” (yea I know)

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ – itzdadiabolical

Itz My Single Picks 2/28/13

Sup ya’ll, I’m back to smack you in the face with some brand new tracks. It’s been a little slow between this picks and my last one, but its cool cuz we getting whole albums, EPs, etc.

The single we’re gonna start with is from the late great (not literally) Flatbush Zombies. This joint gets me so hype, they kill this and it just seems like Erick just gets better and better and producing… and rapping too forreal. His verse starts real calm then just rises out da grave. Meech and Juice slaughter the track as usual too. I love this song.

This ones a no brainer. Brand new Big KRIT single. Not exactly the best example of what I was talkin about in my “Southern Movement” article, but its still pretty good. KRIT seems like he’s getting real comfortable with that flow he’s using, which I hope he doesn’t because that ruins a lot of MCs. Production is really where he shines (no pun intended) on this track, it’s a different sound from his older instrumentals and just really good.

If you’ve been living under a rock and still haven’t been listening to Ill Doots 2x Tuesday releases, well here’s one of them. Stay in the loop. This is a cold track with a play on the phrase “Manifest Destiny” and it has a western sound that fits that theme, and Tex’s voice matches perfectly with it. I mess this.

This track is a month old, but new to my ears and likely to yours. The beat is amazing, a real funky, disco type of beat that makes you wanna get off your butt. And Keem raps on this song with an impeccable swag that needs no interruptions from hooks or bridges. A worthy listen indeed.


Tight New Singles

Yeah, I don’t have a date on this one, but these are some balla singles I’ve been listening to lately that ya’ll NEED to listen to.

Firstly, I wanna reintroduce Ill Doots with this amazing single they dropped called Anti-Gravity. Honestly, I can’t stop listening to this joint . It just sounds so great and it has such a fun and inclusive sound to it. All the people on the track really have the chemistry that a band should have.

Two great rappers get together on a 9th Wonder produced track. And you know 9th Wonder always making good productions and whatnot. But yeah I think KRIT is on a roll, I think he has something to prove.

This right here is a beast posse track including one of my favorite newer hip-hop artists, T.Shirt. It has that early 2000s underground sound to it with the sort of epic sound and the turntable work and all that. All these artists are spittin’ HARD on this joint.

And Sir EU eats this bananas beat apirhgsdhgap this joint makes me go crazy. This beat transitions so much and EU’s awkward flow matches it so perfectly. Cal Rips goes in on this joint too, speeding up his flow as the song progresses. This joint is crazy nice though, I’ma be looking out for the producer, Kisai.

Mixtapes > Albums in Hip-Hop?

In the last decade, Hip-Hop has became largely more digital. Mixtapes and YouTube videos are all over the place and more often than not people’s claim to fame.  Listeners are downloading and purchasing online albums more nowadays than buying physical CDs.  So this has pushed artists, particularly newer ones, to make a lot of mixtapes and less often release actual “LP”s.

A lot of the time you hear people say that mixtapes are better than albums nowadays. Many artists have better-acclaimed mixtaped than albums. For example, rapper and producer Big K.R.I.T. release three incredibly hot and well-received mixtapes preceding his album, Live from the Underground. However that album has been called by some, one of the most disappointing albums of the year. While, I don’t think that badly of it, I myself did expect more from K.R.I.T. for music I’m expected to pay for. Another example is of an artist from my area, Wale. His “About Nothing” mixtapes were very well-liked, but once he joined MMG it seems people didn’t appreciate his music as much. I don’t share those sentiments, but it’s still worth mentioning.

Many claim the reason why these mixtapes are being better than the albums because of record labels. Record labels are seen as a huge bad guy in the rap industry, supposedly targeting artists and taking away creative control or signing artists with less subject matter, etc. Another thing that supposedly diminishes the quality of the music is that artists aren’t allowed to sample certain music. Rap is a very sample-heavy genre, so if the rapper can’t use certain beats because of the samples they’re using or they have difficulty clearing the samples then that could get a lot of songs removed from the project. However, I don’t think that’s a valid excuse because many times the issue is more in the lyricism than the beats.

So what do you guys think? Are hip-hop albums getting worse than mixtapes? If so, what do you think is the cause?

On a side note, check out the inspiration of this articles LongLiveA$AP, just dropped last week.

2012 Top 10 Mixtapes

And for my first post I’m doing the top 10 mixtapes of this year, 2012. We had a lot of good stuff this year, and these are what I believe are the 10 best out of the bunch. Make sure you cop these, they’re all free downloads and excellent listens.

10. Big KRIT, 4evaNaDay – As usual Big KRIT makes a great project with his southern-influenced production and predominantly personable lyrics. While generally a conscious rapper, he still makes songs you can just bump in the whip. This mixtape suffers a lack of replay value compared to his older ones however.

In hindsight, some of the songs on this tape are the best of KRIT’s career and the concept of this album is mad tight. Only some of the songs lack in replay value.

My favorites: “Down & Out” “Sky Club”

Download 4eva N A Day from any site but Datpiff (get ready for constant Datpiff slander):

9. Casey Veggies, Customized Greatly – is a super smooth listen all the way through. The production is excellent and carries somewhat a happy feeling to it. While still worth actually listening to the production alone makes this tape great background music. And Casey delivers flows that make you want to rap along to, and has catchy hooks.

My favorites: “Roses” “When You See The Kid”

Get CG3 here:

8. Don Trip, Guerrilla – Don Trip, defined by his punchline abilities delivers on this mixtape. Along with that, he really gives you a vision of what a hustler’s life is like. He doesn’t hesitate to show listeners how he feels, but still takes some time to just spit.

On top of that, Trip has incredible energy and a unique and effective delivery. This tape was heavily slept on to me.

My Favorites: “Allen Iverson” “Like Me” “Trap’d In The Trap”

Cop Guerrilla here:

Also, if you like what you hear, he has an excellent verse on “No Pain” by 8ball (one of the year’s best) so listen to that and cop Premro.

7. Pill, The Epidemic – Pill goes hard succeeding his exclusion from MMG. One every song, Pill’s raps synergize beautifully with the tone and tempo of the instrumentals. Every song on this tape is noteworthy (with the unfortunate exception of “I’m Player”). Within this he has several anthem-type songs along with several heartfelt personable songs.

My Favorites: “4Life” “New Clothes New Shoes”

Download link (Ya’ll lucky, I had to suffer DJ Holiday yellin all over da damn songs smh):

6. Action Bronson, Blue Chips – Ratchetness at its best. Action Bronson brings a smooth flow that blends effortlessly on Party Supplies’ beats, even when the beats transitions mid-song. In this project, Bronson excels with wordplay and extensive vocabulary.

Bronsolino exhibits expertise in thing like multisyllabic rhymes and other cadence techniques to. If it wasn’t for his lack of subject matter he’d be unstoppable.

My favorites: “Thug Love Story 2012” “Pouches Of Tuna”

Taste Bronsolino’s delectable delights:

5. Alley Boy, Gift of Discernment – Quite possibly what could be considered for the most classic “Trap” mixtape ever. The mixtape is packed from top to bottom with tight beats, and Alley Boy shows out on most of them. Alley Boy puts a real unique, yet effective spin on his subgenre with his “oooooooh” and other ad-libs, aggressive yet laid-back delivery, and good balance between having fun/boasting and substance.

My Favorites: “Swishin'” (or swisher idk wtf it’s called) “I Live This Shit” “Make It Everyday”

Download here:

4. Flatbush Zombies, D.R.U.G.S – Speaking of NY artists Flatbush Zombies are making big splashes in the hip-hop world with their unique, zombie-inspired, gothic shtick. They possess so much chemistry without trying too hard, while also having incredible technical rap skills. Look out for these guys.

My favorites: “Thug Waffle” “Chuch” “Mary, Nothing Above Thee”

Get your bath salts here (Could only find it at this trash website):

3. T.Shirt, The Fuck – Though taking a little getting used to, “The Fuck” is masterful. T.Shirt shows that he’s in expert at cynicism, while still being personable enough to relate to. Shirt is one of the new NY artists putting the city back on the hip-hop map.

My favorites: “My Bitch Don’t Even Like Me” “Southside Phantom” “Moonshine”

Embrace your inner asshole:

2. Brother Ali, The Bite-Marked Heart – Brother Ali’s eloquent and poetic diction is at an all time high on this mixtape. Every bar is filled with feelings and emotion. The way he depicts these series of love-related instances is nothing short of genius. A must-listen.

My favorites: “Shine On” “Haunted Housebroken”

Reminisce Valentine’s Day here:

1. Freddie Gibbs, BFK – Freddie Gibbs is single-handedly bringing Gangsta rap back. His project is full of jams. His delivery is so fitting on every single beat on the mixtape. From top to bottom all 18 songs are a great listen.

My favorites: “Boxframe Cadillac” “Kush Cloud”

Stay bout it:

And every time I make a post I’ma try to put someone else on. Everyone check out the underground DC legend, the late great Avionadramida. A great talent with great potential that was gone too early. Check out his tapes here: