Itz My Single Picks 11/1

November first aka October 32nd aka 10/32 is looking nice already.

Yelawolf got a new EP wit dat boy DJ Paul, and the first single off that joint was excellent. Got yo boy jamming in the whip swerving lane to lane doin basic club dances and whatnot.

Whole Black Fall here.

Sit back and relax with some chill tunes provided by the SuedeGod and da Natti Jedi.  Perfect for da smokers and all that.

R*O*T*I coming soon.

This song isn’t new, but it is to you. Dave B delivers a jumping anthem with this “Lost Boys” track describing the struggles of the comeup, and approaching a rap career. All on this hype ballroom dancing/party type of beat, and a wild flow. Had to be heard.

Inko Sana Bey graces people with some tunes that didn’t make his tape (somehow). But this just builds the anticipation. Check this atmospheric and semi-jazzy joint that transforms to this head banging primal type of beat. Inko and Burger are like Peanut Butter and Jelly… Hamburger and Fries… Mashed taters and gravy.

Listen to the whole EP, if you enjoy.

Also that boy Bronsolino and Party Supplies pizza delivering that new Blue Chips 2, the first was excellente, so I can hope a sequel lives of the the expectations. Stream on da cloud, download on LiveMixtapes.


Itz My Single Picks 4/10

I know ya’ll need some nice jams to bump in the whip with the sunroof down now that it’s warming up. Unless you live somewhere cold, but where I’m at the temperature just decided to hop up 30 degrees like it’s cool and normal or whatever.

Killa kill dropped three tracks yesterday. Or rather was on three new tracks: IBM with Joie 13 , Villian for the Injustice soundtrack, and this craaaazy track with El-P. It’s only a snippet actually, but man. The beat is so live, as expected from El-P. “Producer gave me a beat, said it’s da beat of da year, I said El-P didn’t do it, so get da f*ck outta here!” Mike and Producto trade bars so well on this track too. If Run the Jewels follows this level of intensity, then El-P and Killer Mike aren’t leaving their top 3 position no time soon.

Keem is finally back with Shalaam Kenobi and Illoetry. These guys both use a super enjoyable flow on a beat that has such a great melody to it.  This instrumental on some skip-through-the-park stuff. This song is super-catchy, I’ve been listening to it since its release.

And Action Bronson delivers a catchy tune himself with Harry Fraud. The man uses his whimsical lyrics clean cut flow well in this song. Great thing to get your head bobbing. Perhaps Bronson should make a tape with Fraud, he seems to have great chemistry with his instrumentals too.

Freddie Gibbs spits over this jam on Bootleg Kev’s new mixtape called, Empire Business. Gibbs has his typical content in this track, but everything on it just goes in. The beat is already jamming in the first place, then it switches up in the middle, got you doing that “shoulder jump with your arms in front of your face and head shake” dance.

XXL Freshman 2013

So this list brings a level of excitement to it every year and whatever. Everybody has their own opinions on it, including yo boy: itzdadiabolical. Unlike award shows and whatnot, I feel this list really matters. People on this list get looks, especially if they haven’t been heard of before. I mean, you can see the effects of last years list on Macklemore, Danny Brown, and Future’s careers; although I wouldn’t entirely credit XXL for that it was still a contribution. I feel that the XXL Freshman list is for talented new artists, OR relatively unknown artists/artists on the come-up to get a little breakthrough or push into more of a public eye. Obviously any artist on an XXL freshman list isn’t totally out of nowhere, but they should still be under that level of people knowing about them like that (not necessarily mainstream).

So I’m just going to go over the picks of this list and tell ya’ll how I feel bout them.

Ab-Soul: Why is he on this list? Don’t get me wrong, Ab is one of my favorite artists of this time, but he’s already known. Control System was a pretty popular album last year, any major hip-hop fan should know about it. He’s been on features with all types of people like the other TDE members, Joe Budden, Childish Gambino, Macklemore, Smoke DZA, etc. He’s also been rapping for a good while. You could argue so was Danny Brown and Macklemore last year, but they weren’t known like that. There were still hip-hop fans that haven’t heard of Danny Brown or “XXX”, Macklemore had a rather slow progress to the top with his single “Thrift Shop”, but people who weren’t into Seattle hip-hop and stuff didn’t know about “The Town” and other tracks like that.

Action Bronson: Should’ve been on last year’s list. Or the year before that. This list will have a minimal effect on his career at this point, like how late are ya’ll gonna be? This guy made a whole project with one of the most popular producers in the rap game (Alchemist). He’s a big part of NYC’s comeback in the rap scene. Had top mixtapes for like the past two years. Mad late, XXL.

Angel Haze: I’m cool with this one, although I’m not CRAAAZY bout this chick. She does fill the female spot on the list well, though. And I think she lived in VA or something too. Anyway, decent pick here.

Peep her “Reservation” mixtape here

Chief Keef: Oh wow, my mans Chief Keef sneaks into the Freshman 10 as the 11th pick. I halfway agree with this pick and halfway don’t. This dude made a decent name for himself (musically not in real life) and he makes hella catchy hooks and overall jamming songs. Plus he’s a young dude. On the other hand, this kid is signed to a major label, had a chart topping song/remix, has people’s name in his mouth basically. Somebody struggling could’ve used this 11th spot, man.

Dizzy Wright: I wouldn’t have picked him for the list personally, but I like this choice. I know cuz has been rapping for a minute or two, but I just started listening to him. He’s relatively unknown and pretty good so he should get some good looks off of this hopefully.

In case you missed

Joey Bada$$: He deserved this spot, no question. Young new rapper, released an excellent tape last year, still not quite mainstream level yet, etc. Good job XXL

Kirko Bangz: lol… nahhhhh. He had a buzz a while ago with that one single that name slips my mind at the moment, but it died out. And it’s not like his buzz dying is a travesty either. He’s kinda equivalent to the Roscoe pick last year. I don’t hate cuz or his music tho, I’m just saying.

Logic: Logic! MARYLAND WE IN HERE OAW8PWYTRIAPGSITY!!!! Sike nah, let me stop. I really can’t be anything but excited about this because he’s from my area. Not exactly my top 5 local rappers or nothin, but he’s still good. This is great for him and our area (hopefully).

ScHoolboy Q: C’mon man… Really? XXL just gon put every decent rapper that hasn’t been on the list before on this? Lemme guess, Nas gon be on the next joint… Q had one of the better albums last year, he has looks already. He’s heavily involved in not only TDE, but Danny Brown, A$AP, and Bronsolinno. I mean, “Yay Yay” blew up all over the internet last week. He didn’t need this at all. Maybe it’ll get Oxymoron’s sales a baby boost. Doubt it though.

Travis $cott (I think I put the $ on the right ‘s’ <.<): I’ve heard this guy’s name before, but never listened to him. I’m almost positive that he’s a hype rapper (a la 2 Chainz, Juicy J, Chief Keef, Waka, etc.) Definitely gonna get him buzz though, because I’m bout to check his music out now.

Trinidad Jame$: Well, well, well. I know some people are pissed about this. This dude is probably one of the coolest, most down-to-earth, realest dudes in Hip-Hop right now. That being said, he’s just awful at rapping. I haven’t been able to listen to anything but “All Gold Everything” without cracking up, and even AGE used to have me cracking up at “n*ggan*ggan*gga”. Still, I’m not sure why, but I have some desperate hope in this guy like all the support he gets from other rappers will eventually foster some talent deep within him. Or maybe he’ll find his own little niche in songs. Right now though?


Too many $ names on this list….

So maybe some of you guys are thinking, “Well itzdadiabolical you’re talking all this trash, but you haven’t made a list.” You’re exactly right! Not yet, anyway. Honestly, it’s hard to pick just ten people, but it’s not hard to know who NOT to pick… If I absolutely had to make a list or die, this is who I’d pick in no particular order:

1. Joey Bada$$

2. Trouble

3. Fat Trel

4. T.Shirt

5. Flatbush Zombies

6. Oxy X Moron

7. Casey Veggies

8. Rapsody

9. Mr. MFN eXquire

10. CJ the Genesis

Obviously biased, but only a little. It’s still better than this one XXL just farted out though.

2012 Top 10 Mixtapes

And for my first post I’m doing the top 10 mixtapes of this year, 2012. We had a lot of good stuff this year, and these are what I believe are the 10 best out of the bunch. Make sure you cop these, they’re all free downloads and excellent listens.

10. Big KRIT, 4evaNaDay – As usual Big KRIT makes a great project with his southern-influenced production and predominantly personable lyrics. While generally a conscious rapper, he still makes songs you can just bump in the whip. This mixtape suffers a lack of replay value compared to his older ones however.

In hindsight, some of the songs on this tape are the best of KRIT’s career and the concept of this album is mad tight. Only some of the songs lack in replay value.

My favorites: “Down & Out” “Sky Club”

Download 4eva N A Day from any site but Datpiff (get ready for constant Datpiff slander):

9. Casey Veggies, Customized Greatly – is a super smooth listen all the way through. The production is excellent and carries somewhat a happy feeling to it. While still worth actually listening to the production alone makes this tape great background music. And Casey delivers flows that make you want to rap along to, and has catchy hooks.

My favorites: “Roses” “When You See The Kid”

Get CG3 here:

8. Don Trip, Guerrilla – Don Trip, defined by his punchline abilities delivers on this mixtape. Along with that, he really gives you a vision of what a hustler’s life is like. He doesn’t hesitate to show listeners how he feels, but still takes some time to just spit.

On top of that, Trip has incredible energy and a unique and effective delivery. This tape was heavily slept on to me.

My Favorites: “Allen Iverson” “Like Me” “Trap’d In The Trap”

Cop Guerrilla here:

Also, if you like what you hear, he has an excellent verse on “No Pain” by 8ball (one of the year’s best) so listen to that and cop Premro.

7. Pill, The Epidemic – Pill goes hard succeeding his exclusion from MMG. One every song, Pill’s raps synergize beautifully with the tone and tempo of the instrumentals. Every song on this tape is noteworthy (with the unfortunate exception of “I’m Player”). Within this he has several anthem-type songs along with several heartfelt personable songs.

My Favorites: “4Life” “New Clothes New Shoes”

Download link (Ya’ll lucky, I had to suffer DJ Holiday yellin all over da damn songs smh):

6. Action Bronson, Blue Chips – Ratchetness at its best. Action Bronson brings a smooth flow that blends effortlessly on Party Supplies’ beats, even when the beats transitions mid-song. In this project, Bronson excels with wordplay and extensive vocabulary.

Bronsolino exhibits expertise in thing like multisyllabic rhymes and other cadence techniques to. If it wasn’t for his lack of subject matter he’d be unstoppable.

My favorites: “Thug Love Story 2012” “Pouches Of Tuna”

Taste Bronsolino’s delectable delights:

5. Alley Boy, Gift of Discernment – Quite possibly what could be considered for the most classic “Trap” mixtape ever. The mixtape is packed from top to bottom with tight beats, and Alley Boy shows out on most of them. Alley Boy puts a real unique, yet effective spin on his subgenre with his “oooooooh” and other ad-libs, aggressive yet laid-back delivery, and good balance between having fun/boasting and substance.

My Favorites: “Swishin'” (or swisher idk wtf it’s called) “I Live This Shit” “Make It Everyday”

Download here:

4. Flatbush Zombies, D.R.U.G.S – Speaking of NY artists Flatbush Zombies are making big splashes in the hip-hop world with their unique, zombie-inspired, gothic shtick. They possess so much chemistry without trying too hard, while also having incredible technical rap skills. Look out for these guys.

My favorites: “Thug Waffle” “Chuch” “Mary, Nothing Above Thee”

Get your bath salts here (Could only find it at this trash website):

3. T.Shirt, The Fuck – Though taking a little getting used to, “The Fuck” is masterful. T.Shirt shows that he’s in expert at cynicism, while still being personable enough to relate to. Shirt is one of the new NY artists putting the city back on the hip-hop map.

My favorites: “My Bitch Don’t Even Like Me” “Southside Phantom” “Moonshine”

Embrace your inner asshole:

2. Brother Ali, The Bite-Marked Heart – Brother Ali’s eloquent and poetic diction is at an all time high on this mixtape. Every bar is filled with feelings and emotion. The way he depicts these series of love-related instances is nothing short of genius. A must-listen.

My favorites: “Shine On” “Haunted Housebroken”

Reminisce Valentine’s Day here:

1. Freddie Gibbs, BFK – Freddie Gibbs is single-handedly bringing Gangsta rap back. His project is full of jams. His delivery is so fitting on every single beat on the mixtape. From top to bottom all 18 songs are a great listen.

My favorites: “Boxframe Cadillac” “Kush Cloud”

Stay bout it:

And every time I make a post I’ma try to put someone else on. Everyone check out the underground DC legend, the late great Avionadramida. A great talent with great potential that was gone too early. Check out his tapes here: