Doing Too Much

So I was talking to my homeboy the other day [month], about rap. The conversation ventured to how sometimes you just wanna listen to some chill stuff. Sometimes people don’t want to hear track tripping, tongue flipping, twisted triple time cadences. Aside from that, bringing a very complex style to music doesn’t particularly make one rapper better than another. Sometimes less is more.

The numerous complexities and techniques to rap are something to behold. Leveraging these with musicality and harmony is essentially what separates a good rap from a great one.  It’s the reason why someone can have the ability to rap super fast, but still not necessarily be a “good rapper” or a rapper that makes good songs essentially.

2pac is an example of this. Pac ain’t have no big BARS, and wasn’t making any incredible rhymes. Not to say he couldn’t flow, or didn’t have poetic expression in his lyrics; but he paced his songs well. “Hit Em Up” had that raw intensity to match the visceral feeling behind the record. In “It Ain’t Easy” Pac laments in a way that pairs with the soul of the production. People feel 2pac worldwide because of his approach to making songs.

On the contrary, I can’t dig one of Eminem’s newest hits, “Rap God” despite its widespread instances of internal, external, and multisyllabic rhymes. The song is really all over the place, after the first verse there’s a lot of random breaks and tempo changes, and I can go on almost as long as the song goes on. Its really the prime example of why a rapper can be so complex, with lyrics or technique, and still not make a good rap song.

Something to think about.


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