Itzme Review: Big KRIT – #WeekofKRIT

After some slightly underwhelming efforts of the Mississippian emcee, Big KRIT smashes on the game with the Cadillactica prequel and hype-builder titled: #WeekofKRIT. This collection of 6 songs, plus a trailer and documentary (which we’re not talking about right now) is absolutely excellent. It easily raises the bar for anyone putting out some content in the near future. The beats are all just so awesome, and the songs are otherwise well-composed. Not all of them really talk about something, but they still maintain that impressive musical element.

The first of his onslaught of gems is the “New Agenda” joint with rap’s favorite [living] fatboy. Some groovy head-bobbing trunk blasting music that you’ll expect from Big KRIT with some jazzy flavor sprinkled in. Both KRIT and Rozay ride the beat in catchy fashion, particularly rhythmically on that drop in the verse. And you never get a Ross verse without a quick reference to some lemon pepper wings.

The transition on the last verse is just icing to the definition of KRIT’s producing genius.

Next up is the Conscious Effort freestyle. You can tell, the opening ish-talk was inspired by recent collaborator, Z-ro. But anyway, this song is on some slight stuff. Really simple, yet likeable, instrumental loop with a relatively clever freestyle layered over. You get aggressive boasts and a rare punchline from Big KRIT like:

“If I say I’m poppin’ fo’ sho’, you’ll probably think I’m fryin’ fish

…Maybe I was ***,

cuz dropping a boombox in your bathtub is the only way you could buzz more”

Awkwardly executed, but I dig it. Like I said, this song was just some slight stuff.

Laclaclaclaclac slammin’ doors and uh… This is the jam. Has that really old-school southern feel to it. This song feels like some old school UGK blended with some throwback Bone with that Ferg verse in it. Well… almost. The A$AP representer delivers a cold fast-paced flow, but then reminds you why you often don’t take him seriously with rudimental lines like, “I can see you haters from here, I can spot you out of my chair”

Still something you can ride slow to though.

Whoooo lawd, Wolf on Wallstreet has that sound that should earn it as many awards as the movie it shares name with. Bruh, this joint SLAPS. It’s gon have your grandmother doin triple backflips and whatnot. I don’t know how KRIT and Childish Major made this beat together, but boy did they kill it. First UOENO, and now this? If you don’t have an eye on Childish Major right now, you slippin.

Then step into the 3-man spitfest with frequent collaborators: Big Sant and Smoke DZA. The song is ridiculous honestly. Those drums are just so active on this joint, they chill for a few seconds then go ham. The dinging noise filled into those intervals almost too nicely. I literally cannot explain to you how bombastic this beat is. Then to match, you get three incredible verses as well. KRIT puts pressure on you fools with some aggressive delivery, and Big Sant continues the legacy with that same intensity added along with some lewd, but effective rhyme schemes. Then Rugby Thompson cruises in on the chill tip, and Mortal Kombat finishes it by going in on the drop. Mm mm mm.

Last, but not least, Egyptian Cotton. Actually, Egyptian Cotton is the most impressive song out of this collection. KRIT expresses the feeling of living with and without luxury. The song sounds like some fresh, sleek, satin-type stuff. I don’t know what Egyptian cotton feels like, but this song makes it sound like the materials for Heaven’s best tapestries. This is one of Big KRIT’s best songs.



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