Itzme Spotlight: AWKWORD

I have tons and tons of respect for this man AWKWORD. Not only has this man been releasing a consistent stream of decent tracks, but he also works hard for a charity, Guns 4 Cameras. We in the limedark.

check it out

Dude keeps it very vintage hip-hop with positive-focused and progressive rhymes, but he still has fun with just spitting as well. Dude  goes in with tons of underground hip-hop heavyweights like T.Shirt, Joell Ortiz, Slug from Atmosphere, Sean Price, etc.

AWKWORD always keeps a message in his music and doesn’t come off as corny or too preachy. I always enjoy listening to his tracks because he puts together talented groups of people to make something great. You get tons of different underground MCs on his songs, like the huge posse joint “Before Before” which is the song I discovered him on. He works with lots of great producers like Harry Fraud and Steel Tipped Dove as well, just to name a few. He even has some dope chopped and screwed jams.

Go ahead and do yourself a favor by checking out all da AWKWORD tracks that you can, and then stay tuned for the huge album: World View. World View is the first 100% for charity Hip-hop project, and (as the name suggests) it is a WORLDWIDE thing. This is crazy. The joint will be featured in 18 countries. Mark the day February 2nd in your calendars, cause it’s going down.

World View


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