Itzme Review: Nacho Picasso – High & Mighty

Nacho Picasso is a rapper from Seattle. High & Mighty is his newest musical effort, and it’s pretty much the idol representation of entertainment over art, but dude has a little bit of everything on this project, so don’t fully box him into that description.

First discovered by ME on the posse cut “Tomorrow’s Gone” by Mr. M*****(however many stars I need, this is kinda a family site, but not really) eXquire where he went toe to toe with current rap heavyweights like eXquire himself, Danny Brown (who had an eh verse, it was cool though), and FBZ (THAT JUICE VERSE THO), and looked really impressive standing next to them. Dude had a heavily contrasting slow flow, slick wordplay, some obscure allusions, and a real ominous but cartoony delivery.

Fast-forward, I’m listening to High & Mighty. Now as far as this tape being entertainment, this guy, in a manner of speaking, keeps you at the end of your seat. What is he gonna say next? The majority of Nacho’s bars are these sick and clever little punchlines one after another. The Seattle emcee will say things like “If you think she your boo, you should check out my snapchat”

or say random chicks’ illegitimate sons (that may be his) shouldn’t rap because they’ll forever be in his shadow.

Nacho Picasso has quotables on quotables on quotables. High & Mighty is quotables. This is the biggest part of this album. When you listen to this, prepare to hear quotables.

That being said, most of this is really just rapping. Not much storytelling of concepts in it, just bragging or unfocused expression, which is fine considering what else you get with this music. You get a more tender and intrapersonal Nacho on songs like “Alpha Jerk”, “Real/Fake” and “Love Letters”, but these moments are concentrated on little parts of the song like just the chorus.

This isn’t a concern though when the man gives you so many different styles. In “Nacho The Ruler” he raps over a smooth old-school sounding track and switches up deliveries (inspired by Slick Rick obviously). “Duck Tales” is a hilarious hyphy-era styled song. And throughout the album you get a plethora of different sounds that shows his sonic versatility.

On top of that NP’s got flow skills to boot. Most of the time, he raps like he telling some Tales from the Crypt story or telling you a lesson whilst poking you in the chest, or if you ask him he sounds like “Jack Burton when I drag my lines.” But he breaks it down for you sometimes on the faster paced songs, like “Sounds like the intro” second verse, or “Crime Waves” hits you with some rapid rhyme schematics and transitions cadences like it’s nothing.

Swish seems like the guy that clicks with Nacho the best. He made the instrumentals to the harder songs on the album. “Sounds like the intro” stands out the most; you got that violin on the verse that sounds like Solomon Northup trying to avoid a beating, and the hook gives a whole different vibe with this creepy ooing and clanking that gives this ominous feel to it. That doesn’t discredit the other producers that touched this though. Vitamin D did something really different and tight with that throwback beat on “Nacho The Ruler”, and the funkiness goes so well with Nacho’s wildness and caprice on the track. It literally sounds like they built this song up together. I’m not gonna lie though, Cardiak seemed like he just regurgitated one of his old beats with “The Lick”.

This joint is something to jam to when you in an ignorant mood, or wanna be whimsical and whatnot. You’ll be entertained throughout the whole thing with Nacho’s funny anecdotes and catchy tunes. This joint a lil chilly.

Favorites: “Sounds like the intro” “Nacho Ruler”

Not my favorites lol: “Duck Tales” “The Lick”


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