Instrumental Goodness

Producers deserve shine too! These are the most balla beats I’ve compiled over the past couple months or so.  I jam these out my headphones, speakers, extravagant sound system, etc. You gotta listen to these.

Oh lawwd. Got that jazzy sax up in there, catchy whistling tune, jamming drums.. I’m loving this. It’s like da perfect combination of smooth and upbeat.

Yeah. This joint will make you wanna dance, boy.  Them thick strings that give you the feeling of floating away are gorgeous (hence the name and picture I suppose).  The “by faith” voice and that rap sample was just sprinkled into the beat at the right time. I can easily just sit around bobbin my head to this joint for hours.

Oh… goodness. Man this beat is great. It’s inspiring. Addictive. The whole beat has this funky and soulful sound, stylistic of the “Grand Chill Producer”. A little oriental swag to it to, whether intentional or not. Plus those light cymbals on the drop make me swoon.


This joint is gradiose, fervent, passionate, yet… ignant. It’s like glorifying entrance music. The glistening synths combined with that power moaning organ just makes you walk up in da room like.

This some ol ethereal eurhythmic something else that starts with “e” type of music. Reminds me of Raider Klan and Clams Casino production. Just real glitzy and spacial, but still something you can bounce to.

So yeah, enjoy that, and if you haven’t had enough, peep this sneak peek of Kisai the Spooniest Bard’s new beat tape. Dude did some glorious work for some of the best hip-hop this year (FXCK2), so this is doing YOU a favor. Ya feel me? SpoonyRPG


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