Itz My Single Picks 8/13

It’s been a loooooooong time since I did one of these, I apologize brethren. I’ma make it up with a load of wondrous tracks though.

Ya’ll may or may not remember Astro. He made a decent tape earlier this year, used to be on that show X-factor. Pretty good young rapper. Well he released this nice single where he exposes the financial aspect of messing with labels along with just rappity rappin. It’s a groovy track, will have you doin the wave or sumn.

Back in the- back in the day, back in the- back in the day. Real smooth, old-school styled nostalgic track from Ciscero and Sugg Savage from Akoko. I never really listened to Sugg much, but this verse changed that. Very impressive rapping.

Young Inko flows impressively on this upbeat jam. Have you bobbin your head and makin ugly faces and whatnot


make you want to do 60’s swing dances and whatnot. But yeah I see mad potential in Inko, dude is super-nice. That flow and those alliterations that he got in this song is on point. Plus, he has a lot of personality in his rhymes which is something unique from these other MCs.

Eclectic Minds crew brings this unreleased song out the vault for our enjoyment. A tender proclamation of love to a significant other, and still a head banger. Plus the chorus is one of the best I’ve heard recently. Ya’ll need this on ya’ll playlist real quick.

You know, I’m still waiting for that man T.Shirt to drop a new project. His last one (titled, “The F***”) was just hella excellent and unique. I guess this track will hold me over a bit longer. Some real talk rap over some funky guitar rifts. Check this out, and also check out that album I just mentioned.


This just in, forgive me cuz I didn’t give this a listen before I released this article initially. Erick Arc Elliot puts out this track addressing people’s lack of creativity, the general sheep mentality if you will. Crazy nice beat too, I’ve been liking everything this guy makes lately. I feel like with his work ethic he’ll surpass his FBZ affiliates in time, but that’s just me. Enjoy this.


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