DJ Buzz Killington – Wat beat tape

Wat. Cover

One of my new favorite producers, Kisai, gives us these gems under the name DJ Buzz Killington. This tape has a lot of retro sounds to it. Retro like when they used to have movies with just music and subtitles and they had a record player to play the music. I assume a lot of the samples are from Bioshock from the artwork, or at least resemble the type of setting Bioshock is in. Anyway this is a creative turn for hip-hop instrumentals, ya’ll gotta hear this.

download link


2 thoughts on “DJ Buzz Killington – Wat beat tape

  1. Yo, thanks for the drop dude.

    Yeah, this tape is definitely based on Bioshock, which I finally had the pleasure of playing a few months ago. (SUPER LATE I know.) XD Hope everyone digs the music.

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