There are many things that make a hip-hop artist great. Just like with other talents, everyone has one and often have their own specific niche. In FXCK2, Sir E.U displays the skills of a great hip-hop artist collectively and with his own quirky and unique spin on them.

The First One: King Hippo starts the tape off with this eerie, dark, and staticky track produced by the talented Matt McGhee. He opens with the great distress brought upon him by the passing of his close friend, Christopher Scott (aka Avionadramida); and the lack of sensitivity to his depressed state from his environment.


In this track he spits deft lines back-to-back like “I damn near been on some Full Mental Alchemy, trying to bring my brother back” and “Unlevel-headed devil rebels selling God weapons, whether soldier or president, my lamb gon’ be lemon.” And, while having such verbose literature, still manages to mold his cadences masterfully over this strange production with speeding tempos, transitions, and random “reception lost” spots. The ability to rap over such a dynamic instrumental lies within very few artists and the Hippodramidan happens to be one of them. He uses such ability to create a great song on all fronts that is also one of the most wildly creative tracks I’ve heard in the genre.

And this is only the first song.

The Fourth One: A whimsical and cartoony track from the moment the instrumental starts. E.U adds to this theme by obnoxiously repeating “bitch I’m the 3rd.” Despite the silliness, E.U plays no games with this joint. He rips this track open with mind-numbing technical skill. Tons of multisyllabics, ridiculous rhyme schemes, dynamic rhythm, and all whilst spitting out words like a machine gun. Marty Heem complements the song with a contrasting drowsy delivery, and a catchy verse.


The Third One: In this song Sir E.U litters the beat with a bunch of name drops and hilarious anecdotes. He also speaks of various social issues. Hippogawd’s raps and Kisai’s instrumentals are, at the least, a match made in heaven; and this song is a token example. This might just be one of the catchiest songs ever, along with having thought provoking lyrics like “with A.V. like the Saks on Fifth.” The trend of silliness and hilarity also continue on this song, “I’m grunting while I’m beating, shawty African Rozay” might be the funniest thing I’ve ever heard on wax.

Daffy: A continuation of the masterful collaboration between the Hip and the Spooniest Bard. Hippogawd has the ideal head-bobbing flow for this epic beat. Again, he shows his well-roundedness with colorful punchlines, deep lyricism, and crazy never-before-heard technical feats like: effortlessly switching from English to French midverse, spitting tongue twisters, rhyming words back to back to back, etc. Please just listen to the song. This instrumental is another reason why I mess wit Kisai too tho, because it just has those smooth violins that make you feel like you’re on some fantastic journey or sumn. Sounds like a beat you’d hear on a RPG game or an opening screen.


The Fifth One: I pretty much already talked about this, it’s one of the songs that hooked me into this project in the first place; but this song is another clear example of innovation and E.U’s ability to manage all of these irregularities fluently.

Green Hippo: This song is a real funky joint produced by fellow Klansman, rMeezi. It has very different style from the other songs, that just sounds like it could fit in as a precise hip-hop counterpart of some mothership connection ish. Additionally, E.U spits some abrasive yet sensual lyrics that then transform to hearty braggadocio.

The Sixth One: is oh so smooth, shouts out to DJJTbeats. Like, this is some stuff you listen to while being fed grapes in a grotto, while being fanned by a giant leaf and admired by a plethora of vixens. I can fall asleep floating in a lake to this beat, and I can’t even swim. Anyway, this is an unfocused yet somehow passionate song about a girl “he seen the other night”, that he’s romantically interacted with. Focus alone is the only real shortcoming of this project really. But he flowed well on this joint, that’s nothing new though. It’s almost impossible not to rap along if you know the lyrics.

The Second One: Arguably the best beat Kisai provides on this project. This beat is very dreamy and grandiose while also being choppy and rampant, a weird but fitting combination. And just with the other Kisai-produced jams on FXCK2, Sir raps with impeccable synergy. King Hippo chops and Legato’s his flow in accordance to the changes in the beat, haphazardly hanging onto the rhythm of a song as a receiver would fumble with a pass, but still eventually recovers and catches it. Sir E.U slaughters this track with reckless abandon using impressive delivery and expressive lyrics. i.e.

“That they slicker than grease, like

‘Can I hit dat drank?’

Girl please,

You can suck this peen


and shows an aura of being able to finally rest  with the following line:

“I trek back to my home in the east


Just to get back, you don’t know where I be”

Throughout the track he’s using such a restless flow pattern that’s made to look as easy as Dr. Suess rhymes are.


Lemony Snicketeer: A fairly meager instrumental upon initial listening, but later is transformed into an infectiously catchy anthem:

Ahora (knees): Sort of a goof-off song in comparison to most of FXCK2. The production, while not bad, is bland. It’s basically just a sample (“bring me to my knees”), a repetitive wavy tune, and a baseline. Still he flexes his technical prowess to the same level of excellence as before and manages to make the song still enjoyable with bars such as:

“E is to rap, what ? is to ?

therefore, coming next

what sleep is to nap”

The whole song carries an entertaining tune to it.

Green Hippo 2: Another groovy track akin to the first “Green Hippo”. The sample in this song is hella entertaining and full of personality (“Hey! N***!”). It also has incredible transitions that change smoothly and are energizing and exciting.

FXCK2 caught me by surprise and has provided me with three months of nonstop entertainment. This album/mixtape/EP/project/whatever the hell you wanna call it has got me more excited about hip-hop than I’ve been in a good long while. With FXCK2, Sir E.U proves that he is the apex of rap’s technical abilities combined with a talent in lyricism and with a fresh and different vibe to his music.

Listen to FXCK2

Also check out FXCK2 lyrics on rapgenius

You’re welcome – itzme


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