New and Near Hip-hop Projects

Lots of stuff slated for release soon, so stay tuned. But first, let’s mention these joints that were just dropped.

Ya’ll probably already know about that new Action Bronson and Harry Fraud joint. A lil something from the Queens spitter. Dude dropped two of the best tapes last year, so he’s definitely worth checking out on this one. I’m actually surprised he took this long to give us a lil sumn sumn.

Also, Mr. Muthaf*ckin eXquire releases his tape entitled Kismet. This is one of the best tapes of the year so far for sure. eXquire got really creative and switched up his environment to make some real freaked out and unique stuff. He also exhibits a ton of styles too. A must listen.

Everyone’s favorite cokehead rapper also released something new. It’s amazing this guy ain’t locked up. Anyway, this is on some semi-compilation stuff, so I don’t exactly mess with it all the way, but whatever.

Just seen this dude on that new Gangsta Gibbs track and now all of a sudden he got a new project out. Anyway, this dude was supposedly a ghostrider for Snoop back in the day and whatnot. This Compton rapper coming out the woodworks to make a name for himself, with a whole bunch of popular features. I don’t really care about features unless they’re used properly though, but anyway this is some new ish worth a listen.


Omar Bunyan (formerly known as Pedro English) from the OXYxMORON crew is releasing a solo project on the 7th of August. Oxy had one of the best tapes of last year with their project, The Woods. The tape was amazing and I’m glad I found it, though I was mad late. Honestly, Omar really stood out on that tape and since hearing it I’ve been interested in seeing his growth, so this tape is the perfect opportunity. Definitely a tape to look out for. Peep the first single from it:

Hip-hop giants, Killer Mike and El-P have this collaborative EP slated for release on June 29th. Both artists sit comfortably atop the rap game with their last albums which were widely considered two of the best musical efforts made last year. Cancer 4 Cure in fact was the best hip-hop album of 2012. I’ve been picking their singles for my singles picks for a reason, I’m glad these guys are giving us something for free to hold us over til their next joints.


1. Run the Jewels
2. Banana Clipper feat. Big Boi
3. 36″ Chain
5. Sea Legs
6. Job Well Done feat. Until the Ribbon Breaks
7. No Come Down
8. Get It
9. Twin Hype Back feat. Prince Paul
10. A Christmas Fucking Miracle

Freddie Gibbs also has two joints on the way. First his ESGN tape, which is a solo tape.


1. Lil Sodi

2. The Real G Money

3. Came Up

4. Hundred Thousand (feat. G-Wiz & Hit “Skrewface”)

5. D.O.A. (feat. G-Wiz & Big Kill)

6. Lay It Down

7. I Seen a Man Die (feat. Lil Sodi)

8. Have U Seen Her (feat. Hit “Skrewface”)

9. One Eighty Seven (feat. Problem)

10. Eastside Moonwalker

11. F.A.M.E. (feat. Daz Dillinger & Spice 1)

12. Paper (feat. Y.B.)

13. The Color Purple

14. Certified Live (feat. G-Wiz & Jay Rock)

15. Ten Packs of Backwoods (feat. D-Edge)

16. Dope In My Styrofoam (feat. G-Wiz & G.I. Fleezy)

17. 9Mm (feat. G.I. Fleezy & G-Wiz)

18. Lose Control (feat. BJ the Chicago Kid)

19. Freddie Soprano

20. Murda Dem (feat. G.I. Fleezy & Big Kill)

and he also has another highly anticipated project with superproducer Madlib called Cocaine Pinata. Gibbs is one of my favorite rappers right now, and he’s been doing his thang lately especially when he dropped that Cold Day in Hell project two years ago. I still listen to that today.

Also, Sir Milo is coming out with his debut, Corner Stores and Iron Horses(?). Dude has an innovative way of rapping and harmonizing on songs. He tackles instrumentals in ways nobody else would think of and excels in his melodic flows. I think Wale and Joey Bada$$ are coming out with tapes soon also, but that’s pretty much all I’m personally anticipating.


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