Itz My Single Picks 6/4

Haven’t done one of these in a good while. Nobody has really been putting out any singles I reeeally mess with. There are a few unreleased jams that ya’ll need to hear, but y’know, they’re unreleased. Anyway let’s get started.

Soundcloud is a wondrous place where you can discover artists off the random. Found this guy Inko Sana Bey and heard his newest track “The Only Goal” in which the guy cleverly used the slow drumline to add flexibility to the tempo of his flow which then emphasized his profound personality in the song. I’m watching out for this guy. Cuz also shouted out Avion at the end (R.I.P)

Queens spitter Sir Milo goes in on this boom-bap beat with his never-resting flow and robotic delivery. Milo masters the instrumental with seamless transitions of flow patterns and tempos. Dude is such a unique new talent in hip-hop, but don’t take it from me.

Mostlyjunkfood premieres Warm Brew’s new track entitled “Congregate” featuring the great OXYxMORON. If you’ve never heard of Oxy, check this out. The song is a posse track with a very different vibe to it. Along with the two group’s vocals, Danny Dee creates a smooth beat that you’d wanna go on a road trip to. The producer complements Oxy’s tracks as closely to perfect as possible and track is just another example. This track is like perfect riding music.

Warm Brew – “Congregate” ft. OXYxMORON

Lastly we got a single for Run the Jewels, a group formed by two of the most incredible hip-hop artists of the recent time period, El-P and Killer Mike. There was a snippet out for this before, but now the song is complete with a feature from one half of the legendary Outkast, Big Boi. Track is full of quotables and Killer and Producto destroy the instrumental with back-to-back bars, then dish it to Big Boi who finishes with finesse.


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