Itzme Spotlight: Ill Doots

Hip-hop has a lot of experimentation, and diversity to its sound. Within the genre you’ll find instrumentation that ranges from sounding like hard metal to smooth jazz. One thing that is rare is the rap music is bands. The only bands I can manage to think of are The Roots and Ill Doots, both based out of Philly. I’m gonna show ya’ll about the latter.

As stated earlier, Ill Doots is a hip-hop band with 8 members; two MCs and 6 instrumentalists. Together they create a real unique and artsy sound that was immediately noticeable on their debut, Meteor Music.

Honestly, their style is too varied to describe generally. You feel the influences of all the different members on the songs. Phantom has snide and clever lyrics and a spitter’s style while Tex contrasts with his unique and twangy delivery with a smooth flow. And later on in the group’s career they’ve included other members like Prof. Dex.

While having an incredibly impressive debut (practically a classic), Ill Doots have had a lot of growth and refined sound since 2009. The group has grown into one of the most impressive live hip-hop acts ever with their great sound and coordination. The group has many songs that are exclusively live, and even under the energy and commotion going on in a live show their songs sound better than many studio songs.

Aside from the sonic superiority of their music, they also have strong social messages in many of their songs like their “Message to WestboroBaptistChurch” more recently.

Recently, the group has been coming out with a slew of powerful singles for their 2x Tuesday which I’ve frequently picked for my single picks. The compositions of these songs are beyond excellent, from the concepts to the harmony of the sounds. A perfect example would be the song “Anti-Gravity” where the members sing together in a well-executed chorus with the instruments matching the intensity or smoothness of the vocalists’ melodies.

Ill Doots is a unique hip-hop group with great music that needs to be heard everywhere. I personally don’t have a single other act I’d rather see live instead of this group. Check out all their music for timeless entertainment. Also, if you want to see these guys live, which you should, donate to their cause. Even a dollar could help them out, you could miss out on an Arizona or sumn.


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