Itzme Review: Ambition – Finding God


Moms brought me this CD of some local hip-hop artist selling his album on the street. I was veeeerrry skeptical about this album at first because dude was selling his stuff on the street and I had never heard of him.

Not knowing about people, particularly in my area isn’t an everyday thing. I was surprised by what I heard though.

Ambition is a “holy hip-hop” artist by simpler classifications. He delivers what you’d expect message-wise from an artist of that kind. He’s also from Maryland, but you don’t pick up on any glaring influences of the area on his music; or any area for that matter. Pretty much a guy on the come up, has two albums on reverbnation.

The most surprising thing about this album when the songs came on was the sound quality.

The intro started with pretty crisp thunder sounds and nice mixing. The sound of the project was quite impressive. Another thing of note is that it was all produced by Ambition himself. His instrumentals take after many different genres of music. Many of these songs have singing samples in them, and sound bluesy and soulful. Then you have jazzy beats like in “Only God Knows(4)” along with reggae-inspired styles on several songs. All of the songs are fantastically layered yet not overproduced. In fact, some are pleasingly simple. “God Sees Everything(18)” has one of the best beats I’ve heard recently with a bold synth melody and a basic metronome along with other sounds sprinkled in through transitions and the hook drops.

Unfortunately, in that song specifically, the rapping doesn’t harmonize with the beats as well as it could. Ambition is far from an awful emcee, but this project is filled with rather simple cadence patterns and only end rhymes. While Ambition doesn’t flub with his rapping, it is rather simple; at certain times overly so. His motive is definitely message over music. His content is a lot impressive than his flow though. He goes against the grain in his subgenre by addressing churchgoers and their hypocrisy. While he doesn’t have much transparency in the first part of the album, towards the end he shows a lot of self-exposure and you get to know a lot more about him as a person instead of general Christian inspirationals. He shows a confliction within himself with street life and trying to live Godly. Despite all of off these subject matters going around there aren’t many concepts or stories.

Finding God is an album that shows a great potential in Ambition as a producer, but leaves more to be desired as a rapper. Perhaps the intention was focused more in the message, but that doesn’t take away from the fact. This is a 28 song LP. A lot of the songs are better than others, even just taking into account for production.  As a cohesive project, it would’ve been better off slimmed down. Ambition’s instrumental creations are enough for people to keep an eye on him, though.

Album Grade: D+

Check out Ambition’s music at Reverbnation, Facebook, and Youtube


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