New Projects To Look Out For

Lotta new great music has been coming out, that’d be criminal to sleep on.

First of all, Hokey Fright was released two days ago. Already sold out in my town. I’ve been raving about this album for a while now due to the strange collaboration of Hip-Hop and Folk music and the fact that it’s Aesop Rock, who is one of the most incredible lyricists ever. If you’ve listened to my singles picks then you have an idea of what this is like. Creative and genius. Cop at your local Best Buy or whatever retailer sells CDs nowadays.

listen closely

Kisai the Spooniest Bard has also released a slate of wondrous tunes in his Antheum Anthology set. This includes one of the tracks he produced for Sir E.U on the insanely great tape FXCK2 (which I still think is the best mixtape of the year, but that’s not what we’re talking about). Kisai is one of the most talented and underheard producers I’ve ever had the pleasure of listening to. You guys definitely need to check these instrumentals.

Kisai rereleased this instrumental adventure for your enjoyment.

Additionally, Darren Hanible dropped The PriXXTape to give ya’ll a skee taste of what’s to come with his upcoming project called XX (20). On this joint Hanible has fun and rips a couple of the most popular beats of recent times, showing an array of styles and versatility. Along wit a joint with Lightshow who’s been blowing up lately with his new tape Get Well Soon.

Enjoy, and thank me later.


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