Itzme Review: Chance the Rapper – Acid Rap


The ever eccentric Chance the Rapper delivers satisfactorily with his new tape. Chance has a unique, wild, and just strange delivery style and voice. With those things shows heaping amounts of creativity and expression. With this he fills an unappreciated void in current hip-hop that a lot of rappers don’t explore. This would explain why he’s been so popular lately.

The first thing to take into contexts is Chance’s skills on the mic. Chance has a dynamic rhythm with his rapping that’s upbeat and jazzy, which you notice right away in the intro. The first tracks presents an amazing ability to spit in a near instrumental type of way, all while retaining flow and having great synergy with the beat. On top of all this great technical ability he can also sing quite well, a skillset in hip-hop that is only really matched by Layzie Bone and Z-ro. This results in an amazing sonic experience with this album vocally.

Chan-o is hella creative like I said before. His distinctive ad-libs are entertaining and well-placed despite how obnoxious they are. He comes up with awesome melodies that are present in the majority of his hooks and even his verses; which he himself say “are sounding less verse-y.” The rapper also has a lot of unexpected lines and lines that break the fourth wall like “Her pussy like me, her heart like f*ckit” and

“All this medicine in me hoping I don’t get sick

Making all of this money, hoping I don’t get benched

Cuz n*ggas still gettin bodied for foams.

Sometimes the truth don’t rhyme”

A counterargument to his creativity is the lack of variety in his sound sometimes. Too many of these songs have this Wyclef-esque, reggae-inspired style of crooning, and it starts to wear on you by about the halfway mark of the album.

As far as lyrics there’s the creative and artistic moments like those I stated before. Then, less impressively, there’s some clever-but-simple punchlines, and under that there are the times when he’s not really talking about anything at all. He does have a few song subjects floating around, but they aren’t super focused. In fact, they’re kinda jittery and make it apparent that this guy really is on drugs. Sometimes he’s actually reminiscent of Lil B with his eccentric and random lyrics. He especially sounds like the based god when he is being overly optimistic or talking about cheesy love stuff like the interlude.

I don’t feel this mixtape is meant to have a lyrical focus, though.

Features on here are pretty well-placed for the most part. It’s not really important to the worth of the project, but I had to address them. The singers in “Good *ss Intro” are lovely and formulate a great collective sound. “Cocoa Butter Kisses” features help balance and focus the song a little bit more than I think Chance would’ve on his own. In “Lost”, Gypsy fits and complements the song with her female perspective. Gambino fits well with Chance due to their shared awkwardness and sort of comedic rapping styles. “Nana” sounds like an instrumental that Bronson would be on in the first place. As a comical spitter he pairs well, but it feels like he tried to hard to match the whimsicality of Chance. “Smoke Again” is probably the most non-acclaimed album on this whole thang, but still is quite entertaining. The beat is a hella simple and cliche trap beat, and trap beats are starting to go out of style fast. Chance added a fun spin to it with his random yelps over the track, though. Ab-Soul’s verse had very low lows, but I can’t hate on it.

It just feels wrong to take Acid Rap and Soulo’s verse too seriously.

Acid Rap is a project of abounding eccentrics and creativity. From that perspective it is indeed a “breath of fresh air”. Chance excels in delivery in a way few other rappers can, including the greats. Chance isn’t quite a great himself, but has potential to be if he cleans up and focuses his lyricism. Good job, Chance the Rapper.

Frosted like flakes.

My Favorites: “Good *ss Intro” “Pusha Man”

Songs That Blew Me: No whole songs blew me but overuse of that reggae-ish style blew me along with some songs leaving more to be desired.


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