Itzme Review: Big K.R.I.T. – King Remembered In Time

best cover art, btw

King Remembered In Time is the latest installment in Big KRIT’s near-legendary collection of free projects. If you follow my articles, you’d know I had high expectations for KRIT’s next couple of moves, and while this joint didn’t quite meet them fully, I was impressed several times.

Sometimes I’ll encounter someone who didn’t dig KRIT’s music much. When I asked them why they didn’t (on a serious note), they would often say, “His songs sound the same,” something I totally disagreed with at the time. This tape makes it hard to defend him in that light though. “Talkin Bout Nothing” is sonically similar to “What U Mean”. “My Trunk” sounds like “My Sub pt. 3”, and he re-uses some of his catchphrases like “What’s a king without his crown?” among others, but whatever. It’s almost like he’s trying to be on some Wale swag.

As far as continuing his trend of mixtape greatness, his stats drop a little. With his first three, KRIT effortlessly managed to stack his mixtapes with almost 20 songs on average without having anything that feels like filler. This tape has filler. “Just Last Week”, though a snippet, is a huge letdown. Future has a niche, that as a [talented] producer you should be able to take a huge advantage of. A producer of KRIT’s caliber is undoubtedly able to use Future better for a track. The bangers on this tape jam, but don’t stand out. The lyrics are also hella rendundant, too. Basically that means that while they have nice beats, they won’t survive long in anyone’s playlist because they don’t have anything that makes them pop. A couple of those same songs have the weakest lyrical points of this, too.

Now I know it sounds like I’m just slandering this mixtape, but it had its strong lyrical points and strong points in general too. KRIT has some sweet poetic expression in several songs.

“My eyes too cold to see your goals”

Matter of fact, a few songs on this stand out so strongly that it saves the whole composition. “Bigger Picture” is easily a contender for Big KRIT’s best song period. With its concept of pictures and art and all that other obvious stuff; along with its message and story, “Bigger Picture” is just a lyrical masterpiece. On top of that, the sample, beat, and mood, fit together wonderfully. “WTF”, despite its slight tempo issues, is also great because of its theme, the stories in the song, and creative use of a spoken-word rapping style. “Banana Clip Theory” speaks for itself; it’s a popular song anyway so I don’t care to elaborate. And “REM” is my favorite song off here, because the sample is used in such a powerful way that emancipates your spirit like da sheep talisman.

King Remembered In Time is definitely a good mixtape, but it didn’t quite reach that level of fantastic-ness that I expected it to, so even though I sound so upset with it, don’t take it as “oh, this guy hates this tape”. KRIT shows his progression in rapping ability in small peeks throughout the project, but the overall execution seemed just a little sloppy and unfocused. Nonetheless I still look forward to hearing more from this guy, who’s been one of my favorites since “KRIT Wuz Here”.

Keep this in the freezer, folks.

Favorites: “Bigger Picture” “REM” “My Trunk”

Songs That Blew Me: “How U Luv That” “Talkin Bout Nothin” “My Trunk” (yea I know)

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ – itzdadiabolical


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