Itzme Review: Curren$y – New Jet City

Curren$y came out with this joint a few months ago. This dude always has popular mixtapes, he’s kinda been a mixtape rapper with a cult following. At least in my vision or experience, but to everyone has their own perception. This tape is basically what you would expect from this rapper: laid-back rhymes, great beats, awkward meter and cadence patterns, etc.

One thing I didn’t expect from Curren$y on this joint is the tight bars. It’s not like some super-lyrical complex stuff, but it’s just something that’s cool to say and sounds good in succession. Opening track he says,

“High-quality rhymes earn the wages

allowing me to make wagers

double your life savings,

we on yachts wavin’

Champagne cases, cocaine traces

found seeping from the speakers

whenever the bass kick”

The stand-outters in his lyrics is how he describes things in abstract ways like in those lines. The hook in “Three 60” is another good example of this, although it’s awfully repetitive. Besides that, there’s not much, but this isn’t the type of stuff you listen to when you wanna hear punchlines, metaphors, wordplay, symbolism, etc.; so I’m not mad at it.

The New Orleans rapper is pretty much known for this, but the guy has some mad unique rhyme schemes and flow patterns. Most people either hate it or love it. Me? I respect it. You can’t already guess what he’s about to say or how his flow is going before he’s going to say it which is not only creative, but it’s just tight. “Living in the City” he goes in on this really groovy swing type of tune, starting his verse off with pauses in his flow, and then aggressively abusing a specific rhyme, and it turns out well. If you’ve ever heard Curren$y rap you’d be aware of this style, though. It’s not particularly new for this mixtape.

New JetCity has quite a lot of features, which is not something I usually love, but on this the features are all pretty good. I’m not much of a Wiz fan, but his verse on “Choosin” was mad catchy and enjoyable or whatever. Juvenile’s verse on “Bitch Get Up” was tight too, I be doing the Bernie to that joint and whatnot. And Trademark makes a masterful hook on “Coolie in the Cut”. I would say Curren$y is great at picking features, but this dude put Trinidad Jame$ in that one song and it’s really nothing but comedy. This man is running out of breath and singing horribly almost in a purposeful-sounding way. I honestly can’t keep from cracking up when I hear this dude come in “Trin-i-dah Jaaaayhmes.”

Shout out to cuz though, he getting mad love in the rap game. Even French Montana managed to not butcher the portion of the song he was featured on, and the master of trash hooks changed it up for once. Even though his hook was ignorant, it was delightfully so.

Just as standard Curren$y flows are to his projects, the great beats are also standard. Speaking of that song that French was on, the beat was just so tight with the singing sample and the sax and the melody. Ohhhh. “Choosin” is also da jam, especially in the whip with the intense dramatic sound to it and deep bass. Plus it has that drop in the hook that’s tight as hell. A few of the beats stand out more than the others, but all the instrumentals on New Jet City jam.

This mixtape is cool, nice to listen to when you’re chillin or whatever and just trying to jam to some music without really caring too much bout the lyrics, song composition, and allat. I like this joint, but it doesn’t exactly whelm me or nothing.

No cooler than cool

Favorites: “Bitch Get Up” “Living for the City”

Hilarious Songs: “Purple Haze”


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