Itz My Single Picks 4/10

I know ya’ll need some nice jams to bump in the whip with the sunroof down now that it’s warming up. Unless you live somewhere cold, but where I’m at the temperature just decided to hop up 30 degrees like it’s cool and normal or whatever.

Killa kill dropped three tracks yesterday. Or rather was on three new tracks: IBM with Joie 13 , Villian for the Injustice soundtrack, and this craaaazy track with El-P. It’s only a snippet actually, but man. The beat is so live, as expected from El-P. “Producer gave me a beat, said it’s da beat of da year, I said El-P didn’t do it, so get da f*ck outta here!” Mike and Producto trade bars so well on this track too. If Run the Jewels follows this level of intensity, then El-P and Killer Mike aren’t leaving their top 3 position no time soon.

Keem is finally back with Shalaam Kenobi and Illoetry. These guys both use a super enjoyable flow on a beat that has such a great melody to it.  This instrumental on some skip-through-the-park stuff. This song is super-catchy, I’ve been listening to it since its release.

And Action Bronson delivers a catchy tune himself with Harry Fraud. The man uses his whimsical lyrics clean cut flow well in this song. Great thing to get your head bobbing. Perhaps Bronson should make a tape with Fraud, he seems to have great chemistry with his instrumentals too.

Freddie Gibbs spits over this jam on Bootleg Kev’s new mixtape called, Empire Business. Gibbs has his typical content in this track, but everything on it just goes in. The beat is already jamming in the first place, then it switches up in the middle, got you doing that “shoulder jump with your arms in front of your face and head shake” dance.


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