Itzme Spotlight: T.Shirt


Ya’ll meet T.Shirt. Shirt is a artist from out of New York, one of the best new New York hip-hoppers no doubt. This guy’s MO is a lot of personable lyrics, being brash and abrasive, and being cynical. And he mastered those techniques so well that he infects you with his spirit. The subject of this rapper’s songs are also very controversial, something you can tell from the title or immediately within some songs. Shirt has such a sense of being real, that he can rap about encouraging kids to brag about him teaching them to piss people off to talking about learning himself and learning from his grandma in the same verse (“Shuck”). His style and production choices also put you in a different mindstate in like a twilight zone type of way.

A good example of his genius is the song, “Old Man Angst” where, on the surface, it seemed like random and pointless cursing, but then you realize that it’s a vivid stream of conscious of a man who’s just had a jacked up life; a story from this character’s point of view, in his mind. Shirt’s intense cynicism shows the most in his lyrics in the album/mixtape/whatever, “The F*ck” which pretty much every song defines; especially a song like “My B*tch Don’t Even Like Me”, which you can tell by the title is some… mess.

At the same time, the New Yorker has plenty of more compassionate messages in his songs. Like the song, “The Word N*gga” where he talks about racism and his experience with the actual word along with how we should or can be able to overcome racism. “Secret Paris of the 30s” is also another heartfelt message of his. A reoccurring subject in T.Shirt’s music is “him and his friends”, through this he shows a deep relationship with them.

Shirt’s newest single.

Overall, this rapper is a rare poet who specializes in rapping in a way that shows you his emotion and defining cynicism better than anyone alive can. You’re missing out not listening to T.Shirt, trust me. Peep his chart-topping single with Flume tho:


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