Itzme Review: The MyN.O.R.S. – Black Lung


The MyNORS is a hip-hop group based out of Connecticut that has been making big waves with their single “What They Don’t Know”. These guys have a real upbeat, classic, hippity hop type of style that reminds me of Binary Star and the Beastie Boys. On top of that, they have a great chemistry, not necessarily with the duo-style rapping that they use in some songs, but in the beats. Most of the beats are produced by DP and whether it’s DP or MJ’s (the two members of The MyNORS) turn to rhyme they match the beat’s intensity and tempo greatly at all parts of the songs.

DP’s production is excellent in its own right. A couple of songs were produced by other guys ( DJ Low Cut and DJ Wheelz), but besides that the whole project is produced by DP and it’s great. One spectacle of his performance is “Get Up”, that song is the jam. Makes you want to get up and start Dougie-ing and whatnot. Anyway, the hook is like that turntable rewinding and skipping stuff on some singing (I’m not hip to the name of DJing techniques) and some screaming and stuff, and it just sounds like an extravaganza. Anyway, most of the songs sort of seem to have a classic rock and blues influence to them, but all the songs are upbeat for the most part. All great instrumentals with lots of old-school influences to them like DJ scratches and all of that.

One thing that really stands out about the MyNORS is that they keep the energy up in their songs. There’s just an air of excitement to their music (in appropriate cases of course, not in something like “Make It By” where they’re talking about having hard lives and whatnot). The aforementioned “Get Up” is a great example of this. “It’s Gone” displays this with its anthemic sound and high-energy. And speaking of anthemic, the song “The Anthem” actually sounds like a Hip-hop show in a studio song, which is pretty crazy. I can definitely see these guys selling out shows if they perform anything like they make their music.

I ain’t really have any qualms with this mixtape or nothing, but one thing I noticed bout the MyNORS is that they don’t really be having any focused concepts like that. That’s not too big of a deal though, plenty of artists get away with that, it’s just a limiter of sorts. There’s a couple of exceptions in “Holiday” and “Make It By”; “It’s Gone” and “Neck of the Woods” to a lesser degree. Lyrically they’re cool, similar to their imagined influences. They’re never talking about nothing or just on some PMW type ish. Got a few wordplay gems in here and there, some impressive, some trapeze-walking the line between corny and clever. Their flow and cadences are normally pretty simple; occasionally MJ turns it up and gets you excited. Like when he says, “Fanatic grammatical addict, passion for packing a static(?),” and forreal forreal his whole “Mr. Mista” verse.

They also got some hilarious skits or audio clips in between songs too. Them joints have me rolling. “D*mn biscuit-head b*tches”

They also have some interesting features on here, like one from REKS who had a well-acclaimed album last year, Rebelutionary if you haven’t heard of it. Definitely check that out. Anyway, they also got one from Nottz, not sure if it’s the producer or another guy named Nottz, some dude that sound like Keak da Sneak, Chaundon, and a singer named Lykke Li.

The MyNORS definitely have a unique sound for our era, and I like them a lot. DP has super-impressive beat making skills and they’re both rather versatile in rapping ability. They succeed in making a cohesive project with no outlying flaws to it. I’m going to be enjoying this tape for a while.

Rated colder than cold for sure.


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