Itz My Single Picks 3/23

Slowly, but surely, I have managed to gather enough impressive singles to make another one of these.

This catchy jam about smashing a lovely lady by Raekwon and JD Era has been in my headphones since its release. Even before they released the full song. Great jam mixed with some smooth music, the beat transitions feel more comfortable than a posture-pedic. WhatEEeeva bayyybayyyydkalghldg

Then Tone301 delivers a short and chill verse with a playa steez on this track, Shift Phase 2. Just a lil’ taste of what he’s about. Make sure you check out his most recent work too, Prelude to a Shift.

And Aesop and Kimya Dawson release another track from their collab album that snuck up on me. I didn’t mess with it at first, but this folk/rap stuff grows on you after you listen to it a couple times. Plus Aesop flowing on this joint, “If I had Edward Scissorhands hands I’d whittle pogs into pentagrams like say hello to my little friends”

Matt McGhee also released him a new single called “try”. I met cuz at CJ the Genesis’ album release party, cool dude. But anyway, if you even had a platonic friend you was trying to get with, this joint is like an all-access pass to the drawls nomsayin. Some real and personable lyrics over an interesting instrumental. Checkit.


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