Itz My Instrumental Picks 3/14

Not even gon intro this, just icicles everywhere. This is da coldest— just listen.

First we gon listen to this master of the boards, Adame. This guy took a weird sound and a serene sample and amalgamated it into such a fantastic instrumental. I love this beat, I could just listen to it by itself like it’s a normal song. And while you’re listening to this, listen to his other tracks too. This dude has a great catalog.

Ill Doots also released a well-layered instrumental. You can feel that you’re listening to a band and not just some program. This beat also has a couple nice switch ups here and there. I messes wit it. And I cannot stress the fact that ya’ll need to listen to this group enough.

Young Carter also produces some soulful heat with this “Promised Land” instrumental. The deep passion behind the sound makes you feel like the beat was pulled right out of the “soul era” of music.

This “Nod Ya Head” beat has that chill early 90’s vibe to it. I can’t remember exactly what songs it sounds like, but you can really hear the influence. It also makes a great use of the lo-fi sound that a lot of people are going back to nowadays, but in a unique way.

IllCosby comes out with another banger with this “walk in the park” sounding beat that has some nice little reverses in it to shake it up. Even with the harsh cuts, he still manage to make a really smooth track.

Hope ya’ll could handle all of that. Let me know some of ya’ll favorite producers so I can check them out.


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