Money or Music?

A lot of people have been getting riled up lately about MTV’s hottest MC’s list. People are up at arms, ready to crucify people of the facet that “2chainz got number 2!? F*CKOUTTAHERE!!” When in reality “hot” and “talented/good/whatever” are two very different things. Being hot means being trendy, popular, “in”. This is the premise of MTV for the most part. MTV doesn’t really have much concern over who has the best rhyme scheme, complex cadences or double entendres; the care about who’s popular and who’s going to get them views. Those facts bring me to another point: do corporations and business have too much of an influence over music and its listeners? From my point of view, no it/they don’t; but when I look at comments from hip-hop websites, youtube videos, twitter, etc., (and even just what people do and don’t listen to) I have no choice but to think otherwise.

The main evidence of this is the fact that people are taking this list seriously in the first place. It’s one thing to actually mistake the meaning of “hot” in the first place, but then to actually treat the MTV list like it’s law or a listing of your next ten presidents is another thing. When you gather opinions on any serious listeners or critics of music, particularly rap music, they hardly ever (if at all ever) agree with award shows or popular magazines. “God Forgives I Don’t got four stars!? F*CKOUTTAHERE!!” So if you never think they’re right, then why respect their awards? It has to be because of the corporate mindset being pushed onto consumers.

As Z-ro said, for many, music isn’t music, but a “top hustle”. Lots of cats are making music for MONEY, for fame, for everything except the love. And people still buy into it. I hate to bring names in/single out, but a prime example is Lil’ Wayne. He may have made music for the passion before, but now he just throws out tracks saying whatever and because people still buy it, he still does it. And it’s not just him, it’s many others. But you can’t blame them for taking advantage of the business; blame the people who pump money into this. I only spend my money on music I believe was taken seriously. If you aren’t noticeably making an attempt to make music worth my purchase, then why should I make an attempt to support you? There are plenty of other people out there struggling and half-a**ing stuff that I can pay, but won’t. I feel if hip-hop listeners supported the passionate artists and not the ones trying to make a quick buck it would filter and uplift the genre and the community.

To summarize all of that, everyone has their own inward and outward opinion on things. I prefer to have them match myself, some others don’t in order to fit in or make money. That’s fine, but if you don’t agree with someone else’s musical taste, just understands that it’s theirs and not yours. What BET or MTV or Spin Magazine or even me (even though I’m highly educated on current hip-hop music and what makes it good or not) says about music isn’t law. So just calm down and enjoy.


You can start with this new Pill track


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