Itz My Single Picks (3/11/13)

What’s crackin’ ya’ll? I’ve been a lil’ excited to  come out with these picks because of a few songs. This past week’s like a mini ice-age for singles.

Let’s get started off with another reaction to the MTV list, this #HottestMC track by the one and only Danny Brown. Danny flings his classic style of bars talking about women, drugs, and rhymes in a way only he can. You’ll never hear another rapper even think of writing rhymes in “Janis Joplin vomit”. This is a nice lil’ teaser for Old.

Speaking of teasers, CJ the Genesis drops this single for his next album that’s entitled “Salvation”. This song features one of CJ’s more aggressive flows and is accessible enough to draw in new listeners. Beat is fire too, stay tuned for the release this friday baybay.

Awkword also releases another track with Tenacity about writing deep personal lyrics and how they relate to listeners with it.  And in the background there’s a soulful, chimy beat that is reminiscent of something Apollo Brown would make. Excellent vibe music with a message behind it.

Also, my favorite posse track of recent times, this Freddie Gibbs joint. Features the excellent spitting talents of Gangsta Gibbs, the interesting delivery of Starlito, energy of Killa Kyleon, swag of Propain, and soul/crooning abilities of Devin the Dude. Has that chill vibe to it, that reminds you of “You Know How We Do It” by Ice Cube.


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