Itzme Review: Astro(nomical Kid) – Deadbeats & Lazy Lyrics

So my mans told me about this kid named Astro coming out with this mixtape. I’ve heard of this guy from being on the show wit Simon from American Idol and stuff, but I ain’t really pay him no mind. But you know me, I love hip-hop so I had to check this out. I like it, too. It walks that line that a lot of New York young’uns been on lately with the old-school style.

ahem ahem

This tape is real… interactive I guess. It has some neat little cuts mixed in with songs, not just straight music and many of the beats use vocals whether it’s just talking or singing. A good example is “He Fell Off” where he has people talking trash about him or about somebody in between the verses. Throws a nice little spin on his music, because nobody right now uses these kind of samples in any sort of excess. Otherwise, his songs are structured pretty normally. They start kinda slow or with the hook and then he builds up momentum from there.

The Astronomical Kid also has interesting concept choices. The larger part of this tape has definite topics from stories to “woo songs” (talking to a girl). The more memorable of his story songs is “Dead Beat”, likely because its included in the title; but anyway it’s more memorable because he vividly describes his feelings in the situations presented in the song and channels his distaste for his pops in a concrete way. Aside from that, it’s pretty run-of-the-mill type of stuff. As a whole it’s impressive that most of his songs had subjects. Aside from that his lyrics are basically made for listeners to relate to. He may throw out a few punchlines out here and there, some clever, some that are set up too hard or well… lazy. Like “I’m just tryna feed my mummy with these raps I say” or “you act non-celestial, when you really a star.”


His greenness to the rap game often shows in his flow. His actual patterns are good its just shaky when he switches from one pattern to another and he sounds like he had trouble sticking to a pattern until he intentionally wanted to change it. Aside from that, the kid is on point. He that old school speed-up “rippity rap” type flow very well and generally when he speeds up he’s just going in. And he switches it up in a few songs, like “Player” where he has a more new school staccato-repetitive flow throughout the song and flips it a couple of times mid verses.

This tape is another revisitation of the old-school style from a young New-Yorker, which is cool. I can dig it, and Astro strongly asserts his point of view and place in the world. He exhibits a lot of his own personal experiences and feelings. I feel this kid is on the right track with his hip-hop career as long as he doesn’t let the buzz get to him.

from whack to 50 Tyson, so Icy this a cold tape.

My Favorites: “Player”, “Deadbeat”

Songs the blew me: None


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