Itz My Single Picks 2/28/13

Sup ya’ll, I’m back to smack you in the face with some brand new tracks. It’s been a little slow between this picks and my last one, but its cool cuz we getting whole albums, EPs, etc.

The single we’re gonna start with is from the late great (not literally) Flatbush Zombies. This joint gets me so hype, they kill this and it just seems like Erick just gets better and better and producing… and rapping too forreal. His verse starts real calm then just rises out da grave. Meech and Juice slaughter the track as usual too. I love this song.

This ones a no brainer. Brand new Big KRIT single. Not exactly the best example of what I was talkin about in my “Southern Movement” article, but its still pretty good. KRIT seems like he’s getting real comfortable with that flow he’s using, which I hope he doesn’t because that ruins a lot of MCs. Production is really where he shines (no pun intended) on this track, it’s a different sound from his older instrumentals and just really good.

If you’ve been living under a rock and still haven’t been listening to Ill Doots 2x Tuesday releases, well here’s one of them. Stay in the loop. This is a cold track with a play on the phrase “Manifest Destiny” and it has a western sound that fits that theme, and Tex’s voice matches perfectly with it. I mess this.

This track is a month old, but new to my ears and likely to yours. The beat is amazing, a real funky, disco type of beat that makes you wanna get off your butt. And Keem raps on this song with an impeccable swag that needs no interruptions from hooks or bridges. A worthy listen indeed.



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