Itzme Spotlight: Cayan

Wassup ya’ll itzme, da diabolical, da rap connoisseur. I’m gonna introduce ya’ll to one of my favorite, and, in my opinion, one of the best local hip-hop artists today.  I first heard Cayan when I listened to this project called Truman Drive that my homie CJ the Genesis was on (If you haven’t heard it check it out now). And eventually I hear this guy who has this sort of sore-throaty kind of voice with a chill and laid-back flow. The result was one of the coolest deliveries I’ve ever heard.

Along with that he has a lot of subtle wordplay and quotable lyrics. If I smoked, I’d probably say the majority of his songs are good smoking music.

One of the best examples of this style is in his song leaders, where he shows some of that wordplay I was talking about. Saying:

“Brittle a** n*ggas always seem to be the hardest

In a Jiffy, we see where you’re peanut butter hardens

Damn skippy, I see where them Peter Pan jars is

What you mean charge us?

We da damn artists!”

And then goes on a consistent flux of words in his patented smooth cadence. His lyrics are also very enlightened and have a whole bunch of individuality messages in them.

If you like rappers like Curren$y or Wiz and Casey on their chill tip, you’ll love this guy. And even if you just like hip-hop in general you should definitely check this dude out. He has several projects out, and just released a new EP titled “Hibachi” today. You can listen to that here:


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