Itz My Instrumental Picks (2/16)

I been peeping a couple of instrumentals that have been on point lately. Check on these producers, don’t miss out on some talent you feel me?

We gon start with my latest instrumental obsession, the one and only amazing Kisai the Spooniest Bard. Yeah, that’s a funny name, but this dude’s production talent is no joke. He has a unique video-game/anime inspired sound. His style is generally real smooth with a lot of violins and other high-pitched instruments, lot of wavy-ness, jamming simple drum beats, and also has tons of transitions. Check out this song and… nah just check out everything from this guy.

And this guy ILLCosby impressed me greatly on the first listen with this really funky track. Nothing short of one minute and fourteen seconds of amazing.

Then I also found this high-bass heat. Has a sort of 2000’s era club sound to it mixed with a sort of haunted house vibe from the organ.

Lastly, I got this spacey neo-soul ish from my homie Soule. Some real relaxing stuff you can put on if you tryin to give yo a relaxing little chill sesh in da tub or something idk.


2 thoughts on “Itz My Instrumental Picks (2/16)

  1. Wow, I think this might be the first time I’ve really been blogged about. It’s an honor bro. Glad you dig my music. X3

    Keep on jamming. I got more stuff coming pretty soon.


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