Shouts out to Anthony Fantano, Needledrop, Cal, whatever the hell you wanna call him for posting the link to these guys’ bandcamp on twitter.


This is one of the more impressive young rap groups I’ve heard. These guys have very versatile styles that draw a lot of subtle influences from the south here and there. They’re what you could say is an example of a southern version of the recycling style New York has been on recently. But I don’t really wanna put them in a box, it’s really unique music in its own right.  A group of three rappers and two producers.

Their overall sound is very Jazzy, very upbeat, high resolution, instrumental type of music. Like there’s usually a solo sax or guitar with a nice little background beat and some relaxed drums.  From sound and production alone its really cool vibe music. Ment, Tony, and Pedro have a really hidden chemistry that sort of reminds you of Nappy Roots. Their voices each sound different and give a fun and comprehensive sound to their raps. They all can flow lots of different ways, usually more uptempo. Messages in the songs are mostly hopeful and spiritual on the come-up or instrospective type of stuff.

Basically, OxyXMoron is a talented rap group with great music. Support them, download their free “The Woods” mixtape, check out their bandcamp. If not, you’re missing out. These guys are the future. I’m seeing a big Southern hip-hop movement coming out of the woodworks soon.

Also one of the members out the group, Omar Bunyan, released a solo project that’s just as great.


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